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Medecins du Monde
Médecins du Monde (Medecins du Monde)
Headquarter: Paris, France

About Medecins du Monde

Doctors of the World - Médecins du Monde is an independent international movement of campaigning activists who provide care, bear witness and support social change. Through our 355 innovative medical programmes and evidence-based advocacy initiatives, we enable excluded individuals and their communities to access health and fight for universal access to healthcare.



We provide access to healthcare to the most vulnerable and socially disadvantaged people to treat both their physical and mental health. We believe that our actions truly influence the environments in which people are born, grow, work and age. We help to improve local healthcare infrastructures to empower populations to take care of their health.


We are convinced that lasting change comes from empowering people to act on their health. They do so by being involved in developing, delivering and assessing our programs. We support them in developing their own public health policies by responding to their needs.


Beyond indignation and revolt, we seek to expose the intolerable in order to better denounce it. We call on national and international authorities to provide easy access to healthcare and we promote respect for human rights. We want to influence political decisions to better protect the health of people and their communities.

About 100 expatriates of all nationalities, both medical and non-medical, work in Doctors of the World programmes abroad. MdM ensures the highest level of security for its teams, including ongoing analysis of the situations in which its programmes operate, development of security and evacuation protocols, and staff monitoring and training.

Any person over the age of legal majority can work abroad up to the age of 75. Expatriates’ status takes one of two forms: employee under French law or International Solidarity Volunteer (under contract; VSI in French).

Paris, France
Type of Organization
Non-Governmental Organizations
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