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Reach talent in global peace and development
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the employer account free?
Yes. Not-for-profit organizations whose mission contribute to global peace and development may sign up for an employer account and post one job per month for free.
Who can register for an employer account?
Human Resources, Recruitement, Public Relations, or Executive at the organization may register or claim the employer account. Your organizations have a mission contributing to the sustainable developemnt goals (SDG), global peace and development.
Can I post more than one job per month?
If one free job posting per calendar month is not right for your organization, you can buy additional job posting on-demand or upgrade to a paid plan anytime.
How long does it take for my employer account to be activated?
Once you sign up for an employer account and verify your email address, it takes about 24-48 hours for UNjobnet to verify and activate your account.
Can I add additional team members?
You can invite members of your team to your employer account by clicking on "Team Members" and "Add Users". An invite will be sent to your team member. Once s/he activates his account, s/he will have the access to the employer account.