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United Nations Foundation (UN FOUNDATION)
Headquarter: Washington, D.C., United States


We are motivated by an impatience for change and a determination to advance human dignity and well-being on a thriving planet. Partnership, and the power of smart and strategic collaboration, is in our DNA. We believe everyone has a part to play, everyone’s voice should be heard, and everyone has a stake.

The UN Foundation was founded in 1998 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner to support the UN and serve as a strategic partner and resource for the UN in solving global problems. Ted’s goals in establishing the Foundation were to demonstrate the value of investing in the UN, encourage new partners to work with the UN, and promote strong U.S. leadership at the UN.

In our first 20 years, the Foundation mobilized over $2 billion, numerous initiatives, and countless partners to support the UN and UN causes. This support helped the UN pioneer work in areas we all now take for granted, from supporting elections to the rights of adolescent girls to our shared interest in a clean energy future for all.

Today, the Foundation focuses on mobilizing ideas, people, and resources to help the UN tackle some of the greatest collective action challenges of our time, including scaled collaboration to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the promise of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Our results-driven team understands that supporting the UN and tackling the global challenges of today and tomorrow require a mix of diverse solutions and partners. Over the years, we have explored, innovated, and evolved different ways of working. We rely on a dynamic portfolio of capabilities, tools, and platforms to advance our mission as a strategic partner for the UN.

The UN Foundation is always looking for passionate changemakers to contribute to our mission to help the UN drive global progress. We are committed to creating an enjoyable, productive workplace, where everyone’s contribution is recognized. We regularly celebrate our star performers with a Bravo Award.

Washington, D.C., United States
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