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Headquarter: Arlington, VA
Non-Governmental Organizations
Arlington, VA

About Rare

Rare drives social change for people and the planet. Across hundreds of communities in more than 60 countries, we have inspired and empowered millions of people to shift their behaviors and practices to protect the nature that sustains us all.

Today, the natural resources we depend on are in danger. Climate change. Overfishing. Unsustainable land use. The extinction crisis. These problems endanger life on land and in the water, jeopardize the health and well-being of communities, drive inequities for already marginalized people, and threaten the future of the planet - and human behavior is behind them.

But if people are part of the problem, they must also be part of the solution.

At Rare, we believe the cumulative power of individual action is a vital pathway to safeguarding and restoring our shared waters, lands, and climate. By understanding what motivates people to change, and the barriers that stand in the way, we can jumpstart change and help it spread.

Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive. Our people-centered approach rooted in behavioral science and design thinking inspires shifts in behaviors and practices that measurably benefit people and nature. We facilitate and empower community-driven solutions that help individuals manage their futures. And we have nearly 50 years of experience on the frontlines of conservation. Through strong global partnerships and expertise in translating research into action, we build the social, ecological, and political networks needed to sustain local change and scale our impact across the world.

Change is what we do. That's what makes us Rare.
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