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Noora Health (Noora)

About Noora

In 2014, we launched Noora as a small group of individuals driven to redefine healthcare. A simple question inspired us - "knowing that patients look to their families for comfort, why not give families the best chance to support them? " We found that families, who care most for their loved ones, could help dramatically improve health outcomes of patients. By equipping them with key health skills, these families could be the keystone to ensuring proper recovery in the hospital and post-discharge at home.


Over the years, Noora has transformed into a collective of subject matter experts, designers, and technologists - all tirelessly striving towards empowering people to become agents of their own health outcomes and wellbeing.


Today, we identify not just as a team, but as a family - one that believes, with unshakable conviction, in the power of family to heal.

Our vision of inclusive and accessible healthcare is made possible by the collaborative efforts of public health professionals, doctors, nurses, designers, and business leaders from across the world.

Work at Noora

Noora Health’s mission is to improve outcomes and save lives of patients by empowering family caregivers with the skills they need to care for their loved ones. 

Noora turns hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms by tapping into the most compassionate resources available for the patient’s care - the patient’s own family - turning these worried family members into skilled caregivers. The Care Companion Program (CCP) is currently implemented at more than 150 government hospitals across India and Bangladesh and over 1,000,000 patients and family members have been trained by the CCP. Research on the program has found improved health behavior uptake, a decrease in post-surgical complication rates, and a decrease in newborn complications/readmissions. Noora’s COVID-19 response has reached more than 15 million people. 

Noora Health was launched out of Stanford University in 2014 and has been supported by many large philanthropic foundations including Mulago, Draper Richards Kaplan, Echoing Green, Ashoka, Medtronic, and Jasmine among others. For more information: 

1)2020 Annual Report

2)Q2 2021 Report 

3)Introductory Deck

4)Website -

5) COVID-19 Resources -

At Noora Health, we value diversity. Diversity includes but is not limited to gender identity, caste, religious practice, sexual orientation, ability, among many others. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply for positions at Noora Health

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