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Headquarter: Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Non-Governmental Organizations
Health care
101-500 employees


MAGNA operates internationally and provides assistance to children and their families in need, including victims of natural disasters, wars and conflicts. In the field we have doctors and medical staff but also technical and other specialists who provide humanitarian assistance and help to treat children and their families.

Founded in 2001 in Slovakia by Martin Bandžák and Denisa Augustínová and based on their direct experience of the AIDS epidemic in Cambodia, MAGNA began providing medical assistance to disaster victims around the world. Through MAGNA hospitals we provide health care, medicines and food for children and their families.

In our work we follow these principles

Independence: MAGNA operates in accordance with its own principles. The activities of MAGNA are in no way influenced by political entities or internal or foreign policy of a particular government.

Impartiality: MAGNA works with strict respect for political and religious neutrality and impartiality.

Non-discrimination: MAGNA does not accept any form of discrimination based on race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, belief or social class.

Free and direct access to victims: MAGNA bases its activities on the need for free access to victims and full independence in its projects. MAGNA endeavors to obtain all necessary means to achieve this goal. The organization manages the distribution of its resources directly to ensure that they reach the target population.

Ethics: MAGNA bases its activities on legal and fair practices that are guided by ethical principles, including strictly avoiding child abuse and firm respect for key social rights.

Professionalism: The conceptualization, implementation, management and evaluation of MAGNA programs is always characterized by high level of professionalism. MAGNA uses its experience to maximize efficiency and resources.

Anti-corruption: MAGNA refuses to directly or indirectly support fraudulent conduct and works hard on minimizing the risks of corruption in carrying out its activities.

Transparency and accountability: MAGNA is committed to fully and transparently accessing its beneficiaries, partners and donors by providing access to information on the allocation and management of funds. The Organization undertakes to provide all necessary tools to ensure the proper management of its activities.

MAGNA is a signatory to the ICRC / NGO Code.

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Working at MAGNA

MAGNA is dependent on the determination, dedication and hard work of people involved in the results of projects both in the field and in the office. We are currently implementing 15 projects around the world in which we provide medical and material assistance to the victims of disasters and epidemics with our more than 500 fieldworkers.