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Islamic Development Bank (ISDB)
Headquarter: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
International Financial Institutions
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

About ISDB

The Islamic Development Bank is a multilateral development bank (MDB), working to improve the lives of those we serve by promoting social and economic development in Member countries and Muslim communities worldwide, delivering impact at scale.

We provide the infrastructure to enable people to lead better lives and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

We believe all people have the right to live in dignity and prosperity, and that nurturing economic growth is the best route out of poverty.

We equip people to drive their own economic and social progress at scale, putting the infrastructure in place to enable them to fulfil their potential.

We build collaborative partnerships between communities and nations, across the public and private sectors.

We foster innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest development challenges, as we work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ISDB is hiring now
12 job openings
Working at ISDB

IDB Group is a world-class Islamic Development Institution backed by 56 member countries from around the globe.

In order to enable our vision to be the leader in fostering socio-economic development in member countries and Muslim communities in non-member countries, we are looking to hire smart, intelligent professionals who seek to make their mark within the development industry.

By joining us, you will work to achieve our mission to promote comprehensive human development, with a Focus on the priority areas of alleviating poverty, improving health, promoting education, improving governance and prospering the people.

Who we look for

IDB recognises that every individual is unique, and collectively, the individual talents we employ would contribute greatly in achieving the 1440H development plan which the bank is currently implementing. As an institution working in South-South regions of the world, your understanding of development issues in your part of the world is an asset that contributes to the individual uniqueness, and together we can work to improve the lives of the people in our member countries, so that they can fully participate in the development of their nations.

IDB is looking for individuals who are highly motivated. People who believe they have the knowledge, expertise and desire to be team players. We believe in giving opportunity to our employees, and are interested in people from diverse backgrounds from member and non-member countries. IDB pursues different projects and programmes in development financing, therefore we are open to employing people from various disciplines and backgrounds. Do not hesitate to apply for posts advertised which suit your career choices, and feel free to upload your CV on our portal so that we can contact you when vacancies that match your qualifications become available.

Top 10 reasons

  1. Islamic financial model
  2. Opportunity to learn about Islamic finance
  3. Understanding the development needs of member countries
  4. Knowledge and innovation
  5. Career development for effective service delivery
  6. Located at the heart of Islamic civilisation (between Makkah and Madina)
  7. Contribute towards poverty alleviation and promoting healthy society
  8. Projects that directly make impact on the lives of the people
  9. Family oriented programmes for the benefit of staff
  10. Building solidarity among member countries by sharing knowledge and expertise
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