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Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
Headquarter: Geneva, Switzerland
Multilateral Organizations
Geneva, Switzerland

About IPU

The IPU is the global organization of national parliaments.

What began in 1889 as a small group of parliamentarians, dedicated to promoting peace through parliamentary diplomacy and dialogue, has since grown into a truly global organization of national parliaments. Today, our membership inches ever closer to being universal, with 179 Member Parliaments ,12 Associate Members, and increasing numbers of parliamentarians from all over the world involved in our work.

Our slogan is “For democracy. For everyone.”

Our vision is “We want a world where every voice counts, where democracy and parliaments are at the service of the people for peace and development.”

Our mission is “The IPU is the global organization of national parliaments. We promote democratic governance, institutions and values, working with parliaments and parliamentarians to articulate and respond to the needs and aspirations of the people. We work for peace, democracy, human rights, gender equality, youth empowerment and sustainable development through political dialogue, cooperation and parliamentary action.”

We are financed primarily by our Members out of public funds. Our headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. We also have an office in New York, United States of America. 

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Working at IPU

Are you interested in working for peace, democracy, equality and human rights? We have staff in Geneva and New York who share a vision for a democratic world and a better life for citizens through strong and effective parliaments.  

A vibrant organization, we seek to attract committed and suitably qualified staff to join our team at our Secretariat. Our work is very varied, covering a range of specialist skills and knowledge on parliaments and thematic issues.

There are a number of ways you can work with us. As well as staff vacancies and consultancies, we also offer a few internships to selected undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students who are pursuing a course of study or who specialize in fields related to our work.

In addition to drawing upon the expertise and experience of our Member Parliaments, we have a roster of parliamentary and subject experts who are deployed on missions aimed at helping parliaments strengthen their own capacity to function effectively.

We also use contractors to provide other services.

Employment profiles at IPU

We recruit staff on fixed-term or temporary contracts. Staff are either recruited as Professional (P) or General Service (G). Directors (D) are part of the professional category.

Professional staff are usually hired internationally and occupy leadership functions or positions that require a significant level of technical expertise.

General Service staff are hired locally in Geneva or New York. Their main role is to assure the smooth functioning of all administrative matters.

Recruitment principles for staff vacancies

Our guiding principle in selecting candidates for employment is to secure the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity. We do not discriminate on any grounds and are committed to promoting diversity in our workforce. 

We aim to achieve a broad representation of staff from across the world. Particular attention is paid to candidates from developing countries and to achieving gender balance. We strive to provide an environment where the contribution of each individual is valued. Staff are normally selected on a competitive basis.

Requirements for professional and general staff positions are defined in each job description. But in general, all our employees are expected to possess the following qualities:

  •     Motivation and a strong commitment to our principles
  •     Ability to work well in a multicultural team
  •     High level of technical knowledge relevant to the post
  •     Work experience at national and/or international level
  •     Fluency in at least one of our official languages (English, French) and a working knowledge of a second language. Additional languages are an asset

Since January 2005 IPU has been part of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF).