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World Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Headquarter: Nairobi, Kenya
Research and Scientific Institutions
Nairobi, Kenya


ICRAF started in 1998 and CIFOR in 1993 with different geographical priorities. With the merger announced in Jan 2019, we combine at a time when our contribution can have maximum impact, on livelihoods, sustainable agricultural and agroforestry practices and climate change. Our combined strategy has influenced the 6th IPCC report and been used for the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. Our contributions at the highest levels have been adopted into agro-ecological policy recommendations.
CIFOR-ICRAF's publication record in agricultural research, taken with our experience in training the trainers, our sector-leading partnerships and gendersensitive implementation of development projects on the ground, is testament to our capacity to make meaningful change.

Our strategy focuses on the Global South with Africa India and Southeast Asia as the key operational areas and we have been responsive to the needs of our target beneficiaries and to changing donor requirements. We have made knowledge products a cornerstone of our platform which integrates the interests of donors, beneficiaries and stakeholders. We have strong representation of indigenous peoples and youth in our Global Landscape Forum. We recognise the needs of the private sector, local governments and donors to engage in innovative financial solutions with Resilient Landscapes.

Vision - an equitable world in which viable livelihoods in resilient landscapes foster wellbeing for people, trees, and the environment.

Mission - to harness the power of science and innovation to improve the benefits that forests, trees, soils, and their sustainable management can provide to all of humankind, for a more resilient, equitable and prosperous future.

Values - Working with nature » Commitment to research for impact » Integrity and professionalism » Respect, partnership, and laboration » Innovation » Efficiency and effectiveness. CIFOR-ICRAF is a centre of research excellence delivering evidence and solutions to transform how land and renewable resources are used and food is produced. Through our laborative, action-oriented approach, we help conserve and restore ecosystems, support sustainable supply chains, and respond to accelerating climate change, malnutrition, biodiversity loss, and desertification. In short, we improve people's lives while preserving the environment. 
CIFOR-ICRAF has emerged out of two of the world's leading science and development organisations focused on forestry and agroforestry, the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and World Agroforestry (ICRAF). Our expertise combines science-based policy advice with project implementation and analysis that leverages nearly seven decades of experience and over $1.8 billion in research investments. Through long-established relationships of over 2,200 active partnerships in 92 countries with diverse skills of our 700 staff, we address local challenges and opportunities while solving global problems through nature-based approaches.

CIFOR-ICRAF´s research and development expertise is complemented by a unique group of entities which combine science, finance, laboration, advocacy, and the delivery of living knowledge: Resilient Landscapes and the Global Landscapes Forum.

ICRAF is hiring now
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Working at ICRAF

Join our team of mission-driven, highly talented and committed individuals from around the world, all dedicated to generating and applying the best available knowledge on the diverse roles that trees play in agricultural landscapes for the benefit of both farmers and the environment.

Our staff are undoubtedly our greatest asset and with our people-first culture, we encourage and support employee engagement and empowerment. The organization is committed to creating a dynamic and collaborative environment that supports and rewards creativity and innovation. We believe that success in living and fostering these values is fundamental to maintaining a vibrant organization, contributing to science and achieving impact.

CIFOR ICRAF is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to promoting a diverse workplace.