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Global Rights Compliance
Global Rights Compliance
Headquarter: The Netherlands
The Netherlands

About Global Rights Compliance

Global Rights Compliance (GRC) is an international legal foundation focused on bringing perpetrators to justice for atrocity crimes. We have a presence in the Hague, London, Washington, and Ukraine.

GRC works in Ukraine in support of the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) through several GRC Mobile Justice Teams (MJTs), a component of the UK, EU, and US' Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group, that assist the OPG by providing crime scene evidence lection and analysis and real-time advice on investigations and case building. Our quarters for this project are in Kyiv, Ukraine. GRC's MJTs operate throughout Ukraine in areas of interest to the OPG.

Prosecution and Investigation Track: GRC possesses unrivaled expertise and granular knowledge of the OPG and its ongoing investigations and prosecutions. GRC is the only international organization consisting of ICL lawyers that have been consistently in Ukraine since 2015 working with the PGO and CSOs to document international crimes. We have a team currently in Ukraine; with language proficiency, an intimate knowledge of the operating environment; and trusted relationships with all the critical justice actors, governmental bodies, CSOs, and relevant stakeholders. The blend of our technical expertise in Ukraine and subject matter expertise is unique.

Our Ukraine team has, over time, acquired an intimate knowledge of the conflict operating environment, and built trust-based relationships with all criminal justice system actors, relevant governmental bodies, CSOs, and international partners. Our blend of technical expertise, knowledge of the Ukraine context/conflict, and language proficiency is unrivaled and is, without a doubt, our unique selling point.

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