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European GNSS Agency (GSA)
Headquarter: Prague, Czechia

About GSA

The European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA) was initially established as a Community Agency on 12 July 2004, by Council Regulation (EC) 1321/2004, status amended in 2006 by Council Regulation (EC) No 1942/2006.


The GSA’s mission is to support European Union objectives and achieve the highest return on European GNSS investment, in terms of benefits to users and economic growth and competitiveness, by:

  • Designing and enabling services that fully respond to user needs, while continuously improving the European GNSS services and Infrastructure;
  • Managing the provision of quality services that ensure user satisfaction in the most cost-efficient manner;
  • Engaging market stakeholders to develop innovative and effective applications, value-added services and user technology that promote the achievement of full European GNSS adoption;
  • Ensuring that European GNSS services and operations are thoroughly secure, safe and accessible.


Satellite navigation has made major inroads in many realms of society, impacting in increasingly profound ways on business, public services and consumer behavior. Along with delivering economic benefits to innovative service providers and related businesses, satellite navigation devices, now integrated within a wide variety of vehicles and transport systems, have changed how we manage the mobility, safety and security of people and goods in fundamental ways.

For users in the general public, the next logical development will be the integration of accurate positioning devices into every mobile telephone or similar handheld device, making possible a deep transformation of the way society deals with the dimensions of time and space.

By developing a new generation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Europe is laying the foundations for new high-technology industry development, job creation and economic growth. With Europe in the driving seat, independent and self-sustaining, GALILEO has the potential to become a key part of the global navigation positioning system of the future.

Prague, Czechia
Type of Organization
European and Co-ordinated Organizations
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