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The European Union's Judicial Cooperation Unit (EUROJUST)
Headquarter: The Hague


Eurojust stimulates and improves the coordination of investigations and prosecutions and the cooperation between the competent authorities in the Member States, particularly by facilitating the execution of international mutual legal assistance requests and the implementation of extradition requests. Eurojust supports in any way possible the competent authorities of the Member States to render their investigations and prosecutions more effective when dealing with cross-border crime.

At the request of a Member State, Eurojust may assist investigations and prosecutions concerning that particular Member State and a non-Member State if a cooperation agreement has been concluded or if an essential interest in providing such assistance is demonstrated.

Eurojust's competence covers the same types of crimes and offences for which Europol has competence, such as terrorism, drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings, counterfeiting, money laundering, computer crime, crime against property or public goods including fraud and corruption, criminal offences affecting the European Community's financial interests, environmental crime and participation in a criminal organisation. For other types of offences, Eurojust may assist in investigations and prosecutions at the request of a Member State.


Eurojust offers a modern, dynamic and stimulating work environment. Our mission is to strengthen and facilitate the coordination of investigations of serious and organised cross-border crime in the European Union, contributing to bringing criminals to justice and creating a safer Europe for its citizens.

To achieve our mission, Eurojust employs more than 230 staff members from across EU Member States who provide a range of technical, legal, operational and administrative support. Eurojust seeks highly qualified, flexible, results-oriented and committed individuals to join our workforce.

Our staff are our most important asset and Eurojust strives to retain qualified employees through an attractive benefits package, training and development opportunities and providing a stimulating and ethical workplace.


Types of positions

Eurojust employs two different types of staff:

  • Temporary agents classified in two functions groups, Administrators (AD) and Assistants (AST), depending on the nature of the duties involved.
  • Contract agents classified in four functions groups, I, II, III and IV, depending on the nature of the duties involved.

The usual duration of contract is 5 years for a temporary agent and 3 years for a contract agent. Both may be renewed once for another fixed period and if renewed for a second time, the contract will be for an indefinite period. Other durations of contract may be offered depending on the needs of Eurojust.


Some of the benefits offered to staff members at Eurojust are:

  • Competitive salary package and a range of family allowances for spouses and dependent children
  • A final salary based pension scheme
  • Access to the European School of The Hague for dependents
  • Job stability and career development opportunities
  • A multi-national, multi-lingual work environment
  • Flexible working arrangements including part-time, flexi-time and teleworking options
  • Health and accident insurance
  • Modern, custom-built premises in the heart of The Hague’s international zone

More information about our working and contractual conditions can be found in the Staff Regulations (SR) and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities (CEOS), on which Eurojust employment conditions are based.

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