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European Investment Fund (EIF)
Headquarter: Luxembourg
International Financial Institutions

About EIF

European Investment Fund (EIF) is a specialist provider of risk finance to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) across Europe. We are part of the EIB Group. Our shareholders are the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union, represented by the European Commission, and a wide range of public and private banks and financial institutions.

We carry out our activities using either our own resources or those provided by the European Investment Bank, the European Commission, by EU Member States or other third parties.

By developing and offering targeted financial products to our intermediaries, such as banks, guarantee and leasing companies, micro-credit providers and private equity funds, we enhance SMEs access to finance.

By taking SME risk, we pursue our two main statutory objectives:

  • fostering EU objectives, notably in the field of entrepreneurship, growth, innovation, research and development, employment and regional development;
  • generating an appropriate return for our shareholders, through a commercial pricing policy and a balance of fee and risk based income.
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Working at EIF

EIF currently employs approximately more than 421 staff members, highly qualified and motivated professionals, expert in their respective fields, actively contributing to the organisation’s success. We recruit talented people from the European Union Member States and Candidate countries making EIF a culturally diverse and interesting place to work. EIF's headquarters is in Luxembourg, but we also have a few small offices based in other European countries, dealing with specific mandates.

Challenging roles

Our staff are highly educated with a rich professional experience bringing creativity and innovation to the organisation. We offer challenging career opportunities mainly for venture capital and securitisation professionals, as well as for other specialised profiles and support functions. 

Career development and internal mobility

We encourage our staff to keep their skills up-to-date and to develop additional competencies through internal courses, on-the-job training or work-related studies, seminars and conferences. Under certain circumstances, we grant a mid-career break to undertake studies. For staff members wishing to face new challenges, we also offer the opportunity to change roles within the EIF or the European Investment Bank with which EIF forms the EIB Group.