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Coopermondo Associazione per la Cooperazione Internazionale allo Sviluppo (Coopermondo)
Headquarter: Rome
Non-Governmental Organizations
International Cooperation for Develpment
1-10 employees

About Coopermondo

Coopermondo - Association for International Development Cooperation - is the NGO of Confcooperative, the Confederation of Italian Cooperatives. It promotes the creation and empowerment of co-operative enterprises in developing countries by facilitating relations and exchanges of experiences with Italian co-operative enterprises.
Coopermondo promotes the cooperative model as a lever for fair and sustainable development in two ways:

  • by implementing co-operation projects in developing countries together with local and international partners, mainly through training and technical assistance activities;
  • by supporting Italian cooperative and social enterprises engaged in international cooperation and creating bridges and opportunities for those interested in doing so. 
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Working at Coopermondo
People's wellbeing, socio-economic inclusion of the most vulnerable sections of the population, promotion of activities with a responsible socio-environmental impact and projects for a fairer and more peaceful society: this is the role, task and practice of cooperation. A daily commitment to provide answers to the needs that arise in the territories, among people, to counter the negative externalities produced by a system that too often puts the well-being of life on this planet in second place to the urgency of material satisfaction. Co-operative business models involve young people and women, protect the fragile, preserve the environment, and design a sustainable future for all.