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Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI)
Headquarter: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About AFI

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) is the world's leading organization on financial inclusion policy and regulation. As a member-owned network, AFI promote and develop evidence-based policy solutions that improve the lives of the poor through the power of financial inclusion. It empowers policymakers to increase access to quality financial services for the poorest populations.

AFI was founded on the idea that a global knowledge exchange platform was key to expanding and improving financial inclusion policy. 

AFI is led by its members and partners, central banks and other financial regulatory institutions from developing countries. AFI’s members serve to give voice to the opportunities and challenges facing the unbanked. The network includes members from more than 90 countries working together to accelerate the adoption of proven and innovative financial inclusion policy solutions with the ultimate aim of making financial services more accessible to the world’s unbanked.

AFI’s members are actively engaged in advancing financial inclusion policy at national, regional and international levels through partnerships and cooperative arrangements with other regulators, as well as with international organizations and private sector leaders. The network uses the depth of unique knowledge and experience to produce regulatory guidance, provide insights on innovative policy developments and highlight proven solutions in the field.

Member Institutions

Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) members are central banks and other financial regulatory institutions from more than 80 emerging and developing countries, where the majority of the world's unbanked reside. AFI members have pioneered some of the most innovative policy approaches to extending the financial system to the unbanked while balancing safety and stability.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Type of Organization
International Financial Institutions
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