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Head of Administration Department IO0018
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)
Job Expired 3 Jul 2024
Posted 1 month ago
Job Description

Fusion, the nuclear reaction that powers the sun and the stars, is a promising long-term option for a sustainable, non-carbon emitting global energy supply.

The ITER Organization (IO), based in the southern France, welcomes best talents who can together prepare the way to this new energy in a truly multi-cultural work environment.

We offer challenging assignments in a wide range of areas and encourage applications from candidates will all levels of experience. Applications from under-represented ITER Members' nations and women candidates are strongly encouraged, as IO strongly believes that a diversified, equitable, and inclusive workplace is crucial in solving one of the most complex scientific and engineering projects in the world today.

As the IO attracts and retains people coming from a vast array of different backgrounds and cultures, discrimination and exclusion cannot be tolerated. The IO believes it is our diverse perspectives and background that gives unique strength and value to the ITER mission, regardless of race, member nation, gender, religion, status, sexual orientation, or disability - all are welcome and respected at ITER.

ITER CARE Values (Collaboration / Accountability / Respect / Excellence):

We perform our work with care, we care for the well-being of colleagues, our families and ourselves, and we care about the health of the planet for generations to come. CARE drives our work and our behaviors at ITER.

To see why ITER is a great place to work, please look at this video

Application Deadline: 04/07/2024

Department: Administration Department

Job Family: Line Management and Group Leaders

Job Role: Head of Department

Job Grade: D1

Language Requirements: Fluent in English (written & spoken)

Contract Duration: Up to 5 years



Do you have an interest in leading and managing the Administration Department (ADM) for supporting the largest fusion project in the world ? Join the ITER Senior Management Team for supporting the achievement of the ITER Project’s objectives in compliance with ITER Agreement and regulations through effective and efficient management of corporate resources, including financial resources, human resources, and externally supplied resources, with in addition the control function of the project performance with reference to the baseline (scope, schedule and cost of work (project control)).

As the Head of Administration Department (ADM), you will advise the ITER Organization (IO) Director-General (DG) and the Deputies to the DG (DDGs) for taking decisions and necessary measures to ensure the successful execution of ADM activities, the implementation of related policies and their monitoring, setting priorities for the ADM Department in serving the Project while protecting the IO legal interests; in establishing and developing international cooperation strategies essentially with entities of the ITER Members, and encouraging the exploitation of the ITER facilities by the laboratories, other institutions and personnel participating in the fusion energy research and development programmes of the Members.

You will also represent the Organization internally and externally at senior level, in particular with the Administrative Authorities of the Members and the Host State in order to facilitate the implementation of the ITER Organization status and optimize the deliveries of the Project, in terms of quality, risk, schedule and cost.

Finally, you will enforce the integration of the IO with the Domestic Agencies (DAs) of the Members, by providing efficient administrative instruments/tools.


Success in this role includes but is not limited to:

  • Provides administrative guidance and support to Construction, Engineering and Science & Operations Departments and other Department/Office, in close collaboration with ITER Members and Domestic Agencies (DAs);
  • Provides solid leadership, builds-up and manages the team to maximize human capital/people’s commitment to achieving the ITER Project goals in the ADM;
  • Manage ADM resources to efficiently support achievements of the Project milestones within approved Baseline;
  • Solves efficiently high level administrative issues, mitigating risks for the Project;
  • Improves IO-DA integration with adequate administrative schemes and tools and actively represents and propagates the spirit of “one project – one team” and ensures a highly collaborative approach with the IO senior management and DAs leaders in order to manage and propel the whole ITER Project forward;
  • Models the values and vision of the ITER project including expectations from the Code of Conduct.

Key Duties, Scope, and Level of Accountability

  • Primary Responsibilities
    • Develops strategies for Finance & Project Control, Procurement, Human Resources, in close collaboration with the other IO Departments and DG & DDGs in accordance with project strategy, while optimizing synergies and ensuring a good team spirit among teams and managers;
    • Aligns the IO resourcing plan to the lifecycle and evolutions of the project scope and schedule, implementing necessary staffing adjustments to optimize the workforce as necessary;
    • Is responsible for organizational improvement, by proposing simplification of administrative processes and policies in order to improve efficiency and support the project objectives;
    • Manages, guides, develops and trains staff under his/her supervision; fosters teamwork and communication among staff in the Department and across organizational boundaries;
    • Co-ordinates and oversees ADM contribution and preparation of reports for presentation to intergovernmental bodies and ensures that the outputs produced by the ADM maintain high-quality standards;
    • Provides leadership in developing innovative and change management programmes and in the implementation of IO’s reform initiatives including reorganizations;
    • Manages all the economic parameters of the ITER Project (including cost savings and avoidance);
    • Preserves the IO interests in case of litigation, with economic operators as well as with Staff.
  • Additional Responsibilities
    • Oversees the management of Procurement of the ITER Organization and provides guidance related to the execution of procurement activities, ensuring procurement strategies are compliant with overall strategic planning and objectives, best practices, and IO policies and procedures, supports the strategies related adjustment of in-kind contributions by executing transfer of scope or service provider arrangement;
    • Oversees the recruitment of staff for the IO taking into due account diversity and other institutional values, in compliance with the IO staffing plan;
    • Reports to intergovernmental bodies on budget/programme performance or on programmatic/substantive issues;
    • Advises the DG and provides recommendations on opportunity, risk or issue the Administration Department staff would consider valuable to improve project management, and ensures the IO achieves its goals in compliance with its obligations;
    • Strengthens managerial culture suited for the efficient, problem solving and cost effective management of the ITER Project, and develops international project managerial best practices;
    • Coordinates staff-management matters at IO by fostering dialogue and resolving matters through the staff Committee;
    • Supports the DG and DDG CORP in fostering further collaboration and integration between the IO and Members’ DAs in the spirit of “one project – one team” by interacting with the ITER members representatives and the DA staff;
    • Monitors the development of the awareness of the IO staff and other stakeholders on the ITER values, Ethic behaviours and Conflict of interest, developing a fraud prevention strategy to fight any fraud, corruption or other illegal activity affecting the financial interests of the Project;
    • Provides policy analysis, advice and recommendations to the Director-General and DDGs on all substantive aspects of the administration and management of the human, financial resources of IO, and legal issues including regarding relations with the host State authorities (sanctions, privileges and immunities, taxes…).
  • This position is punctually on-call based to overseeing continuous operations and ensuring the highest level of service/safety for our stakeholders. This requires availability including day, evening, and night, as well as weekends and holidays, depending upon project needs.

Experience & Profile

  • Demonstrated experience and technical competencies in:
    • Minimum 20 years’ experience in the fields of project management, resource management, or business management (e.g. HR, or legal, procurement), preferably including experience within a large international organization or construction project;
    • Essential competencies and experience required for success in the role:
      • Project Management, Legal, Finance, Procurement, Human Resources;
      • Inclusive leadership (maintaining healthy working environment), with a high level of headship for motivating and developing staff and creating an inclusive environment that promotes cross-functional analysis and effective decision making so that leaders are empowered to place decision making at the most appropriate level;
      • Coordinating and overseeing complex administrative activities while providing effective leadership in management structures in similar international or intergovernmental settings;
      • Communicate Effectively: Ability to adjust communication content and style to deliver messages to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment;
      • Drive results: Ability to persist in the face of challenges to meet deadlines with high standards;
      • Manage Complexity: Ability to analyze multiple and diverse sources of information to understand/define problems accurately before moving to proposals;
      • Instill trust: Ability to apply high standards of team mindset, trust, excellence, loyalty and integrity.
    • Advantageous competencies and experience:
      • Building strong partnerships and working collaboratively positively with all Project stakeholders, being force of proposal & solutions’ oriented to reach consensus applied to large projects in compliance with administrative, safety, security and technical applicable standards;
      • High-level strategic negotiations and influencing abilities with multi-national internal and external partners, including the ability and willingness to solicit and consider varying inputs and opinions and make appropriate recommendations/ tough decisions aligned with the project’ objectives.
  • Education:
    • Essential: Masters’ degree or equivalent in business administration or other relevant discipline;
    • Advantageous: Certifications or specialization in specific ADM domains such as law, HR, procurement or finance would be advantageous;
    • The required education degree(s) may be substituted by extensive professional experience involving similar work responsibilities and/or additional training certificates in relevant domains.
  • Language requirements:
    • Fluent in English (written and spoken).
    • French language would be an advantage.

The following items apply to all jobs and job holders for the duration of tenure at ITER Organization:

  • The CARE Values are a framework of principles that guide our actions and define the culture and spirit of the ITER Project:

Collaboration: We collaborate with commitment and flexibility using the power of teamwork, building partnerships, and working with others to reach shared objectives;

Accountability: We are accountable for the whole project - we take responsibility for our specific actions and are transparent in our daily work, holding self (ourselves) and others accountable to meet commitments;

Respect: We treat each other with respect and dignity at all times, knowing that all of us belong here. We appreciate the value that our multicultural and diverse community brings to the ITER Project;

Excellence: We are driven by excellence; we are agile and innovative while maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality and integrity;

  • ITER Core Technical Competencies:

1) Nuclear Safety, Environment, Radioprotection and Pressured Equipment

2) Occupational Health, Safety & Security

3) Quality Control & Quality Assurance Processes

  • Knowledge of these competencies may be acquired through on-board training at basic understanding level for all ITER staff members;
  • Implements the technical control of the Protection Important Activities, as well as their propagation to the entire supply chain;
  • May be requested to perform other duties in support of the project as defined by your line manager, and when relevant upon the request of the matrix manager;
  • May be requested to work outside the ITER Organization reference working hours, including nights, weekends and public holidays, due to business needs - this may include on-call, shift work, etc.
  • May be requested to be part of any of the project/construction teams and to perform other duties in support of the project;
  • For staff expected to perform on-call, shift hours, or other work outside ITER Organization reference working hours, including nights, weekends, and public holidays, the possession of a driving license valid in France is required. no commuting vehicle will be provided by the ITER Organization.
  • Informs management of any important and urgent issues that cannot be handled by line or matrix management and that may jeopardize the achievement of the Project’s objectives;

The ITER Organization (IO) is an Equal Opportunity organization committed to diversity and inclusive in the workplace.

This position is no longer open.