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Assistant Scientist - Entomology Host Plan Resistance, Data Analysis, Rice Screening
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Job Expired 26 Feb 2024
Posted 2 months ago
Job Description
About IRRI
The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger through rice science; improving the health and welfare of rice farmers and consumers; and protecting the rice-growing environment for future generations. IRRI is an independent, nonprofit, research and educational institute, founded in 1960 by the Ford and Rockefeller foundations with support from the Philippine government. The institute, headquartered in Los Baños, Philippines, has offices in 17 rice-growing countries in Asia and Africa, and over 1,000 staff.

Working with in-country partners, IRRI develops advanced rice varieties that yield more grain and better withstand pests and disease as well as flooding, drought, and other harmful effects of climate change.
Job Purpose

IRRI develops breeding material that is adaptable to different types of environments, with enhanced yield potential and increased capacity to tolerate pressures from abiotic and biotic stresses. This position will support the rice breeding program through the implementation of host plant resistance research and evaluation of breeding lines against major insect pests of rice.

This position will be based at the IRRI Headquarters, Los Baños, Philippines and may only be filled by permanent citizens of the Philippines.

Roles and Responsibilities

Plan and design screening of rice genotypes related to insect host plant resistance

  • Prepare screening outline indicating the rationale, hypothesis, layout, statistical design, activity timetable, and experiment parameters to observe
  • Organize screening requirements by procuring all necessary materials and equipment
  • Ensure the availability of adequate manpower with appropriate skills

Manage the implementation of activities related to screening of rice plant materials against rice insect pests

  • Meet with supervisors/project leaders/collaborators to discuss the requirements or scope of specific research areas
  • Coordinate and monitor activities regularly to ensure the efficiency of research operations
  • Ensure research procedures follow the established protocol
  • Develop standard operating procedure that can be easily followed by research technicians/staff

Manage data sets and data analysis and prepare reports and presentations for submission

  • Create a database
  • Consolidate, verify and analyze collected data using statistical tools
  • Interpret the results of data analysis based on the defined objective
  • Draw valid conclusions based on the results obtained
  • Perform literature reviews
  • Coordinate implementation of research activities with others in the team
  • Support and guide researchers, scholars, technicians in their respective tasks
  • Contribute to the performance appraisal of researchers and research technicians
  • Establish screening experiments for biotic stress (insect pests) for rice breeding partners or collaborators
  • Integrate and manage research data related to host plant resistance and biotic screening to be shared with the project team
  • Perform data analysis for drafting reports and presentations
  • Prepare reports, talks, and posters for national and international conferences as well as publication in peer reviewed journals
  • Bachelor’s degree in entomology or related fields with at least 4 years’ experience in research (preferably but not limited to host plant resistance)
  • Master’s degree in entomology or related fields with at least 1 year relevant experience in conducting research in entomology (preferably but not limited to host plant resistance)
Skills Required


  • Experience in working in a rice-based system
  • Knowledge of entomology, plant pathology, agronomy and other related fields
  • Experience in conducting host plant resistance research and varietal screening
  • Knowledge and experience in data management and analysis
  • Knowledge and experience in preparing/writing research report
  • Experience in arthropod identification
  • Experience in handling and rearing insects
  • Has excellent analytical skills


  • Knowledge of statistical tools
  • Experience in conducting training and managing events
  • Experience in working with international team
  • Experience in writing scientific report

IRRI offers a highly extensive employee benefits package inclusive of globally-covered medical insurance, retirement plan, life and accident insurance and other allowances.

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