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Posted 2 months ago
Job Description


Job Title:
Campus Plumber
Reports to: MEP and Solar Engineering Manager
Location: Butaro, Burera District, Rwanda

Position Overview:
With support from the MEP and Solar engineering manager, this position is responsible for providing plumbing maintenance and installation services to all UGHE campus facilities. S/He will also provide necessary support at UGHE rented facilities _all to ensure proper and efficient distribution of water and disposal, Plumbing maintenance services, repair and system installations will include among others: campus plumbing system, grey water collection points, water storage tanks, pump rooms, sewage treatment plants, water heating systems, sprinkler all to ensure proper distribution of water, disposal and landscape irrigation, Plumber will also be responsible for proper tracking, record keeping and reporting of all campus water consumption. S/He will work in close coordination with all other maintenance teams, most especially the electricians, to ensure coordinated maintenance works.
  • Install and repairs all plumbing and associated mechanical systems, including water supply and treatment, piping and plumbing fixtures, fire sprinkler and landscape sprinkler systems, firefighting plants etc., ensuring that all tasks are completed in accordance with applicable codes and manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Repair and maintain plumbing system by replacing washers in leaky faucets, mending burst pipes and opening clogged drains; repairs and maintain internal plumbing systems and external drains; cleans plumbing systems utilizing appropriate equipment
  • Complete reports on all inspections, checks and remedial works carried out including the use of computer software for recording details for which instruction will be given
  • Prepare equipment and plans for plumbing job by reading blueprints, coordinating with co-workers, and assembling appropriate equipment
  • Inspect structure to ascertain obstructions to be avoided to prevent weakening of structure resulting from installation of pipe
  • Inspect and investigate leaks to determine appropriate actions to resolve and repair; maintains, installs, and replaces various plumbing pipes, fittings, fixtures, valves, and other related appliances within campus facilities and infrastructure according to the international plumbing code.
  • Responds to emergency calls during off-duty hours when critical systems stop functioning, or when there is an imminent threat to the safety of personnel
  • Addresses existing or potential plumbing issues and makes recommendations to ensure systems and equipment meet the design and manufacturers’ operating parameters
  • Prepare annual facilities maintenance spare parts required to ensure adequate Maintenance of all campus plumbing systems
  • Participate and prepare a comprehensive list of plumbing materials (annual facilities maintenance order) with their specifications to guide in the purchase of the same
  • Performs preventive maintenance by inspecting, adjusting, and troubleshooting plumbing systems and equipment to ensure reliable operation and uninterrupted water supply to critical campus facilities.
  • Ensure the functionality of all laundry appliances.
  • Provides routine inspection on all systems and prepares written reports on their condition, including all key performance indicators in conformance with the reporting requirements of the periodical Inspection Summary
  • Assists in developing and executing a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for the entire campus plumbing systems and installations.
  • Records and compiles operational data, complete and maintain forms, logs, and report.
  • Assists in preparing documents for maintenance, repair, and renovation, including soliciting and monitoring contractors.
  • Assists other maintenance personnel in mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and grounds maintenance and custodial duties as needed
  • Installs plumbing fixtures, valves, piping in campus buildings and facilities and performs plumbing maintenance including but not limited to locating and replacing defective or damaged plumbing fixtures and pipes.
  • Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with UGHE policies, procedures, and OSHA
  • Ensure adherence to all UGHE policies and procedures
  • Minimum of 3-5 years' work experience in a facilities and maintenance of building or construction site, or other relevant experience;
  • Minimum of a certification in plumbing and water management, building Construction Management, Facilities Management, Maintenance, or a related field from a regionally recognized institution (A1); Rwandan Equivalence is required for any foreign degree/diploma/certificate.
  • English and Kinyarwanda proficiency required, French preferred;
  • Experience in planning, policy, procedures formulation and implementing monitoring and reporting system operations.
  • Proven experience in the coordination and effective delivery of multi trade performance-based maintenance contracts
  • Ability to interpret architectural and engineering plans and specifications
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the health and safety practices applicable to the building operation and maintenance
  • Demonstrated ability to use email and Microsoft Word, Excel, and MS Project.
  • Ability to exercise independent judgement and personal initiative to constructively solve problems and make effective decisions based on knowledge of policy and procedures
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills including ability to interact with and collaborate professionally with culturally diverse staff across departments, partners, clients, and organizations
  • Advanced organizational skills and capacity to handle multiple assignments and meet deadlines with attention to detail and quality
  • Ability to effectively work on a team in a complex, fast-paced environment with demonstrated maturity and judgment.
  • Passion for social justice and desire to contribute to global health education
  • Demonstrated poise, tact, integrity, and professionalism.
How to Apply
Applicants should provide: (1) curriculum vitae, (2) Undergraduate degree, (3) a cover letter discussing your interest in UGHE and relevant experience. Please upload your cover letter, personal statement, and proof of degrees attained as a single PDF file under "Additional Files" on the application page.

Commitment to Safeguarding and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment:
At UGHE, we are committed to ensuring that those who benefit from our work- including community members – as well as our students, contractors, staff and visitors to our campus are treated with dignity and respect and protected from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and any form of systemic abuse, whilst reducing risk and vulnerabilities. A range of pre-employment checks will be undertaken in conformity with UGHE’s policy.
UGHE will request information from applicants’ previous employers about any findings of fraud, harassment, sexual harassment and any form of systemic abuse or incidents under investigation when the applicant left employment. By applying, the job applicant confirms their understanding of these recruitment procedures.
This job is no longer available.