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National consultant to develop the National Multisectoral Strategic Plan for Non-Communicable Diseases in Angola in accordance with WHO guidelines
World Health Organization (WHO)
AF_AGO Angola
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Job Description



1.       Area of expertise :  National consultant to develop the National Multisectoral Strategic Plan for Non-Communicable Diseases in Angola in accordance with WHO guidelines.


2.       Purpose of consultancy  

·       Collect information on NCDs from stakeholders involved in the fight against NCDs.

·       Conduct an analysis of the NCD situation.

·       Facilitate, in collaboration with the international consultant, all workshops planned during the development of the Multisectoral Plan for NCDs.

·       Incorporate suggestions and comments made during various workshops for the elaboration of the strategic plan into the plan.

·       Consolidate the analysis of the current NCD situation in collaboration with the international consultant.

·        Support the international consultant in the development of the Multisectoral Plan for NCDs.


3.       Background 



A.     Introduction

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are becoming an increasingly heavy burden worldwide.  NCD such as heart diseases, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and chronic lung diseases collectively account for 74% of all global deaths.

Over three-quarters of all deaths attributed to NCDs, and 86 percent of the 17 million people who die prematurely, before reaching the age of 70, occur in low- or middle-income countries. The four main risk factors for NCDs are smoking, physical inactivity, harmful alcohol use, and poor diet.

The NCD epidemic has devastating consequences for the health of individuals, families, and communities, and threatens to overwhelm healthcare systems. The socioeconomic costs associated with NCDs make prevention and the fight against these diseases a critical imperative for development in the 21st century.

1.         Justification


In Angola, much like in most African countries, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), particularly cardiovascular conditions, cancers, diabetes, and mental disorders, pose a challenge to the healthcare system.

The National Directorate of Public Health has established a dedicated program for non-communicable diseases, along with programs focused on mental health, physical rehabilitation, oral health, diabetes, cancer, and sickle cell disease.

 With the aim of better understanding the NCD situation in Angola, the Ministry of Health, through the National Directorate of Public Health, is seeking to recruit a consultant tasked with analyzing the NCD situation in the country and subsequently preparing an integrated strategic plan for managing these non-communicable diseases.

Once developed, this strategic plan will enable the government and its partners to implement effective interventions in terms of prevention, promoting healthy lifestyles, and managing NCD cases in line with the current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

For the elaboration of this strategic plan, the National Directorate of Public Health has sought technical and financial support for the recruitment of a national consultant and for the organization of workshops for the development and adoption of the plan.


4.       Deliverables

·       Deliverable 1: Realize of the NCD situation analysis.

·       Deliverable 2… Development of the Multisectoral Plan for NCDs under the guidance of the international consultant."


5.       Qualifications, experience, skills, and languages


Educational Qualifications:  

Essential:  First university degree in medicine or public health.

Desirable: Post-graduate qualification (such as a master's) in public health or a related field (added value).




·       Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in non-communicable diseases / public health.

·       Experience in developing a strategic plan.

·       Knowledge of the country's health sector




·    Ability for management and coordination.

·    Strong skills in analysis and report writing.

·    Strong, credible, and effective communication skills.

·    Ability to work in a team.

·    Respect and promotion of cultural differences.

·    Presentation of results

·    Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.


Languages and level required (Basic/Intermediate/Expert):


Expert knowledge of Portuguese , expert level.

Basic   knowledge of  English,  


6.       Location

On site: _Luanda National Directorate of Public Health .




7.       Travel

The consultant is not expected to travel outside  Luanda



This job is no longer available.