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Individual Consultant to develop a Concept Note on Solar Power Supply, Greenhouse Construction and Electric Mobility at Two State Universities on behalf of the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe for the Green Climate Fund
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
International Consultant Consultancy Internationallly Recruited
Job Expired 9 Dec 2022
Posted 2 months ago
Job Description

UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

UNDP does not tolerate sexual exploitation and abuse, any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment, and discrimination. All selected candidates will, therefore, undergo rigorous reference and background checks.



The Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe and its Mandate

The IDBZ is a national DFI established in 2005 through the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe Act (Chapter 24:14), with a mandate on long-term infrastructure finance and development. The Bank is active in the climate change discourse and has, during the last five years, made significant strides in mainstreaming climate change issues into its operations. A Climate Finance and Sustainability Division which handles all climate related issues has been in place since 2018. With a mandate covering the energy and transport sectors, two of the key sectors immensely contributing emissions into the atmosphere and the water and sanitation and irrigation infrastructure sectors, which are prone to the effects of climate change, the Bank is strategically positioned to play a pivotal role through the implementation of both climate change mitigation and adaptation related projects.

The Green Climate Fund

The Bank is an Accredited Entity (AE) of the Green Climate Fund. The GCF is a Fund established under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to support a paradigm shift in the global response to the climate change problem. It is the world’s largest dedicated fund which allocates its resources to low-emission and climate-resilient projects and programmes in developing countries, paying particular attention to the needs of societies that are highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It recognizes that to signi?cantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change, all Parties need to reduce their greenhouse gas emission levels with the aim of holding global average temperature increase to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels whilst pursuing efforts to limit temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

IBBZ;s Accreditation ot the GCF

GCF resources are accessed by institutions that are accredited to the Fund, the Accredited Entities (AEs). The IDBZ was accredited on the 1st of July 2022, during the 29th meeting of the GCF Board. The Accreditation Master Agreement (AMA) between the Bank and the GCF was subsequently signed on 8 September 2022. The Bank can access funding under the micro (up to USD 10 million) and small scale (up to USD 50 million) project categories.

Duties and Responsibilities

Objective and Scope of Work

The main objective of the assignment is to assist the Bank in developing a concept note/funding proposal under the GCF Simplified Approval Process (SAP) and to submit it to the National Designated Authority (NDA) for onward submission to the GCF Board for approval.

The consultant is expected to develop and submit a concept note to the NDA for onward submission to the GCF. The scope of the concept note is as follows:

  • Development of a solar mini grid system to meet the electric energy requirements in two (2) national universities;
  • Installation of a greenhouse at each of the two (2) universities for income generation;
  • Purchase and management of small scale electric vehicles —e.g., cycles, scooters, carts, etc., — for use by students to move around the university campuses;
  • Training programmes —including exchange programmes— within each university on renewable energy hardware development, maintenance, management and distribution;
  • Construction of 1 renewable energy research lab in each university.

The principal responsibility of the consultant is to provide required inputs related to the technical structuring of the project (technical meaning all aspects related to project relevant/ selected sub-sectoral measures, actions, initiatives, calculations, models etc.) in order to finalize the development of the concept note. The consultant also needs to clarify the roles different stakeholders would be expected to play.

The expert is expected to work on financial structuring and develop the project business model/case and prepare a preliminary financial model/structure, including clear financial flow for the project. Special attention shall be paid to the role of the private sector in the project (be it terms of financing, support, or in a role of a beneficiary). Given that the GCF does not provide 100% project finance, the concept note needs to present a clear justification for the proposed project funding structure, avoiding crowding out of the private sector/commercial financing, to the extent possible.

The consultant shall consider the feedback received from the GCF on the draft concept note as well as feedback from IDBZ, government and other relevant stakeholders.


Deliverable 1: A fully developed concept note fitting the GCF SAP

Guided by the GCF concept note template, the consultant shall develop a full concept note which incorporates the project scope as described above. The concept note is expected to be fully in line with the GCF investment criteria, the IDBZ focus areas and the GCF Country Program. The consultant is expected to present a preliminary fund flow; clearly identifying the sources of funding as well as beneficiaries. The scope of the SAP project shall not be broad but instead focus on a concrete renewable energy, irrigation and transport project (as outlined by IDBZ).

Deliverable 2: Pre-feasibility study

The consultant will draft a pre-feasibility study that contextualizes the concept note with respect to the technical, financial and other requirements, as per IDBZ guidance. The study shall contain, but might not be limited to, the assessment of the renewable energy markets (installation of solar fields at 2 national universities), greenhouse irrigated farming and transport market, its key players and their readiness/interest to participate in the project; the policy, legislative and regulatory barriers; as well as the technical, financial, institutional and capacity barriers to be overcome by the project.

Deliverable 3: Preliminary environmental and social safeguards screening

The consultant will prepare draft preliminary environmental and social screenings, highlighting the possible risks for the projects that will be further assessed during the funding proposal preparation.

Deliverable 4: Project Preparation Facility (PPF) application

The consultant will draft PPF application, including the excel budget for the different PPF deliverables and implementation timeline. The IDBZ team will advise on the individual deliverables to be budgeted/presented.


The principal responsibility for managing this assignment lies with the UNDP Country Office, Zimbabwe and the Government of Zimbabwe, National Designated Authority (NDA). UNDP will contract the consultant and ensure the timely provision of reimbursable costs and remuneration. UNDP will mobilise internal technical expertise to support the consultant’s work. UNDP and the NDA will support the consultant’s engagement with stakeholders, arrange for meetings, field visits and coordinate with stakeholders and Government officials. Under the overall supervision of the UNDP Head of PRECC, the consultant will oversee the quality of the consultations with stakeholders, collection and analysis of data and generation of all the reports as per the TORs.


The assignment shall be completed within a period of three (3) calendar months.

The Work Plan must indicate clear timelines at each stage of the assignment, detailing the sequencing of activities and interrelations as necessary.


The outcomes of the above listed objectives of the assignment shall be:

  • a concept note developed in line with the GCF SAP, built on a strong and clear theory of change, fully in line with GCF investment criteria as well as IDBZ’s investment priorities in short and/or medium term;
  • Pre-feasibility study outlining the preliminary technical, financial and other requirements and context for the project;
  • Preliminary social and environmental safeguards screening (note: this is not environmental and social management plan but a preliminary screening).

Further, in order for the proposed concept note to be developed into a full funding proposal, the consultant is expected to draft Project Preparation Facility application to the GCF. The consultant will be required to estimate costs of preparation of different technical and financial studies and incorporate feedback/guidance from the IDBZ team on the required deliverables.


The consultant must send a financial offer based on Daily Fee. The consultant shall quote an all-inclusive Daily Fee for the contract period. The term “all-inclusive” implies that all costs (professional fees, communications, consumables, etc.) that could be incurred by the IC in completing the assignment are already factored into the daily fee submitted in the proposal. Travel costs and daily allowance cost should be identified separately.

Payments will be made based on the agreed financial proposal (contract is based on daily fee) and released upon submission of a certificate of payment request, indicating deliverables achieved and days worked to be verified and cleared for payment by the supervisor.

The qualified consultant shall receive his/her lump sum service fees upon certification of the completed tasks satisfactorily, as per the following payment schedule:

  • 25% first instalment upon submission of Fully Developed Concept Note, approved by Head of UNPD PRECC;
  • 25% second instalment upon submission of Pre-feasibility Study, approved by Head of UNPD PRECC;
  • 25% third instalment upon submission of Preliminary Environmental and Social Safeguards Screening, approved by Head of UNDP PRECC;
  • 25% fourth instalment upon submission of Project Preparation Facility (PPF) Application, approved by Head of UNDP PRECC.



Functional Competencies:

  • Excellent drafting, documentation and communication skills in English;
  • Knowledge of Climate Change and project management skills;
  • Proven record on similar documentation work at the National level.

Corporate Competencies:

  • Promote the highest standards of ethics and integrity;
  • Support creativity and innovation;
  • Help create an enabling environment for open communication;
  • Share knowledge and support a culture of learning;
  • Demonstrate fairness and transparency.

Required Skills and Experience


Bachelor’s degree or post graduate diploma in Project management, Business Management, development or climate finance, climate change or related discipline.


  • At least seven (7) years of relevant work experience in project management is required;
  • Experience working in the GCF system or other international organizations and asset knowledge of the GFC, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and other climate action enablers;
  • Experience in working in the relevant areas (environment and climate change, energy, agriculture) would be considered as an asset;
  • Experience in organizational activities; evidence of ability to express ideas clearly; to work independently and in teams; to demonstrate a sense of self-assuredness;
  • Demonstrated excellence in clear, concise and convincing writing and communication skills;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;


  • Fluency in English, Shona and/Ndebele


Submission must be online following the instruction given on the website.

Please submit the following to demonstrate your interest and qualifications. Please note that all the documents below must be submitted as one PDF file.

  • P11 (required), indicating all past experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the candidate and at least three (3) professional references;
  • Personal CV (optional);
  • Duly completed Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability using the template provided [see link further down];
  • Technical Proposal demonstrating full understanding of the TORs, approach and methodology to the task and workplan;
  • Financial proposal (All-inclusive daily fee): Interested individuals are kindly requested to submit an all-inclusive daily consultancy fee;
  • Travel: All envisaged international travel costs must be included in the financial proposal in a separate line, though not the cost of in-land travel, which will be handled directly by the UNDP Country Office.

Application Evaluation Process:

Individual consultants will be evaluated based on the Cumulative Analysis methodology [weighted scoring method], where the award of the contract will be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:

  • Responsive/compliant/acceptable;
  • Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.

Technical Criteria weight; [70%].

Financial Criteria weight; [30%].

Only Individual Consultants obtaining a minimum of 70% of the obtainable 100 points in technical evaluation would be considered for the Financial Evaluation.

Technical Evaluation Criteria:

  • Adequacy of Profile and Technical Proposal (Max 100 points)

General Conditions of Contract for the ICs:

UNDP Personal History form (P11) required of all applicants:;

Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability

“UNDP is committed to gender equality in its mandate and its staff, and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Well qualified candidates, particularly women and people with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply”.

This job is no longer available.