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EOI - Decentralized Renewable Energy Desk - Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources - PERN
African Development Bank (AFDB)
Individual Consultant Consultancy
Job Expired 18 Jul 2022
Posted 1 month ago
Job Description
Consultant type: Individual Consultant
Consultant Location: Nigeria
Publication date: 01-Jul-2022
Closing date: 18-Jul-2022

The services included under this assignment are individual consulting services for the establishment of a DRE Desk to promote the deployment and use of DRE in unserved and underserved areas of the state of Lagos with the objective to increase energy access and provide affordable, clean and reliable energy solutions to achieve Nigeria’s sustainable energy goals. More specifically, the project will:

  1. Increase access to information by aggregating data and mapping energy demand and needs.
  2. Map and connect private sector stakeholders, developers, financiers, and the wider ecosystem.
  3. Build capacity and knowledge transfer within the Ministry.
  4. Support enabling policies for DRE private sector investments - ultimately to develop a portfolio of DRE projects and to deliver scalable DRE solutions. The contract will be over a period of 6 months with an option for extension.
This job is no longer available.