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Sustainability Services Expert
Universal Postal Union (UPU)
Chief and Senior Professional Full-time
Job Expired 9 Aug 2022
Posted 1 month ago
Job Description
Organizational Context:
With its 192 member countries, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialized agency of the United Nations, is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. It helps to ensure a truly universal network of up-to-date products and services. Main duties:
This role is focused on project administration, project management and data collection and analytics for all climate-related deliverables outlined in the UPU Abidjan Postal Strategy (2021). A series of distinct projects are planned under the theme of climate action for the current four-year cycle. The aim of these projects is to facilitate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the global postal sector while increasing the resilience of postal operations to climate change impacts. The projects are diverse: some will be undertaken by International Bureau staff, some will be led by experts from the designated operators (DOs) of UPU member countries, and others will be contracted out to external consultants.

The main role of the Sustainability Services Expert will be to support the implementation of these projects by tracking and updating information on scope, risks, stakeholders, deliverables, tasks, responsibilities, milestones and progress. The Sustainability Services Expert will also draw on this information to foster synergies between projects, engage with key stakeholders and report progress to the Sustainable Postal Services Group (SPSG – a standing group of the Postal Operations Council). In addition, the Expert will be responsible for developing a knowledge-sharing portal on climate action and pooling resources that will help postal operators to access climate finance.

1. Project management and administration
a. Within the International Bureau (IB)
- Track and update information on scope, risks, stakeholders, deliverables, tasks, responsibilities, milestones and progress for all climate projects, covering the following areas: target-setting for emission reductions by DOs; knowledge transfer on climate action; establishment of a standard for cross-border climate-neutral postage; training materials on climate action; capacity building/coaching for specific postal operators; and guidance for the sector on topics such as climate finance.
- Ensure coordination with other IB programmes involved in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals within the postal sector. Identify synergies and any unintended consequences of climate action to ensure that such action improves, rather than worsens, the working conditions of postal workers.
- As instructed, organize and lead meetings/seminars or workshops to support the implementation of UPU climate action projects.
- Prepare publications/reports/presentations on project progress and lessons learned for the SPSG, the Postal Operations Council, the Council of Administration and, as appropriate, other UPU stakeholders.
b. In relation to external partners
- Provide technical expertise and administrative support to partners that have agreed to undertake specific tasks associated with UPU climate action projects.
- Ask external stakeholders to provide materials (e.g. case studies) and promote any new climate action resources developed by the UPU for the postal sector (e.g. the climate knowledge portal).
c. In relation to external consultants
- Monitor the progress of work undertaken by external consultants, ensuring that it is in accordance with the agreed scope and timeline.

2. Project implementation
a. Climate knowledge portal
- Postal stakeholders (e.g. DOs of UPU member countries) currently lack a centralized repository of climate action resources that have been curated to meet their needs. While a great deal of useful information is available, it is in the hands of a number of different stakeholders and is presented in a range of different formats (publications, web articles, social media posts, etc.). The Sustainability Services Expert will be responsible for establishing an online portal for centralizing such resources, to be accessed via the UPU website.
- Consult potential users of the climate knowledge portal to determine their needs.
- Develop a set of specifications and manage the portal (in collaboration with IB technical staff or external consultants).
- Regularly engage with UPU member countries to obtain case studies and useful links for inclusion in the portal.
b. Climate finance platform
- Finance is increasingly being made available for infrastructure projects that demonstrably lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and/or increased resilience to climate change impacts. While the IB helps DOs to develop baseline estimates of their emissions through the UPU’s Online Solution for Carbon Analysis and Reporting (OSCAR) and encourages investment in low-emission infrastructure, the postal sector currently lacks resources that explicitly facilitate access to climate finance. The aim of this project is therefore to develop key resources that could ultimately form a UPU climate finance platform.
- Publish a basic guide to climate finance for the postal sector.
- Ensure that key sources of climate finance and case studies are included in the new UPU climate knowledge portal.
- Clarify the needs of DOs, e.g. training on how to apply for climate finance.
- Review the potential for establishing a UPU Post4Climate facility – which could provide seed funding and support for UPU members to submit climate finance applications – and assist with developing and implementing the governance and process frameworks for such a facility. QUALIFICATION AND SKILLS REQUIRED Education:
First-level university degree (bachelor’s or equivalent) or advanced university degree (master’s or equivalent) in environmental science and sustainable development, natural resources management or related field. Experience:
With a first-level university degree, a minimum of 4 years’ relevant experience; with an advanced university degree, a minimum of 2 years’ relevant experience. Technical knowledge:
1. Extensive knowledge of the Paris Agreement and associated multilateral activities focused on climate mitigation and adaption
2. Good awareness of the climate action leaders within the UN and more broadly within the international community
3. Significant experience of implementing practical projects (tools, training, infrastructure) in the area of climate change mitigation and adaption
4. Good knowledge of climate change mitigation techniques (emission reduction)
5. Good knowledge of climate change adaptation techniques (resilience)
6. Good technical knowledge of carbon accounting (tools and methodologies)
7. Good knowledge of the principles of climate finance and key sources of funding
8. Sound understanding of knowledge transfer techniques
9. Good command of presentation and communication techniques (written and spoken)
10. Good knowledge of project management techniques
11. Good command of office software tools and databases
12. Experience in the postal sector, logistics or related sectors would be an asset Skills and abilities / competencies:
1. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
2. Sense of organization and ability to plan work
3. Adaptability and flexibility
4. Ability to work in a multicultural environment; ethical awareness
5. Flair for communication (ability to teach and motivate people about climate issues)
6. Results orientation and cost awareness
7. Capacity for analysis and synthesis
8. Interest in and ability to handle figures Language skills:
Proficiency in English. Working knowledge of French would be an asset.

Other official UN language (optional) Additional Information:
This is a non-core post. This position will be in full compliance with the "Rules governing non-core staff".

The selected staff will participate in the UPU Provident Scheme and will be insured together with their recognized dependents against the risks of sickness and accidents.

This is a one year contract which can be renewed if the services continue to be required in the future, the funds are available and/or the staff member's performance is satisfactory. However, this appointment does not automatically carry any expectancy of extension or renewal or of conversion to any other type of appointment.

French is the official language of the UPU. English and French are the working languages of the UPU International Bureau.

Priority shall be given for an internal promotion.

The UPU is committed to encouraging diversity within its workforce. Interested candidates from minority groups and/or with disabilities are encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated equally and in the strictest confidence.

Candidates might be considered for other similar posts (for a period not exceeding one year).

Candidates must ensure that they provide relevant contact details so that they can be contacted at any time, to prevent them from being excluded from the selection process. Annual salary: (Net of tax)
62,692 USD Post adjustment: 71.4 % of the above figure(s). This percentage is to be considered as indicative since variations may occur each month either upwards or downwards due to currency exchange rate fluctuations or inflation. The conditions of service are governed by the Staff Regulations and Rules of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union. Please note that all candidates must complete an on-line application form.
All applications must be received by the closing date as stated in the vacancy announcement.

All applicants employed by postal entities and applying for a vacant position in the Professional (P) or Senior (D) category must be recommended and submitted through the competent postal authority.
Applications not satisfying this criterion may not be considered.

Only candidates under serious consideration will be contacted. Applications from women and member states are particularly encouraged.

The UPU promotes diversity and work-life balance. For further instructions regarding the online application process, please visit the UPU internet page at: ...
This job is no longer available.