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Public Health Officer (Polio/Immunization & Surveillance) - NOC/SSA Roster
World Health Organization (WHO)
AF_NGA Nigeria
Grade: No grade, Mid-level Professional
Job Expired 8 Dec 2021
Added 1 month ago
Job Description


Grade: NO-C

Contractual Arrangement:  Special Services Agreement

Contract duration:  6months

Location: Multiple Duty Stations  - States, Nigeria

Support:  50% at State  and 50% support to assigned LGAs

Supervisor: WHO State Coordinator

BACKGROUND: In line with the priorities of the Federal Government of Nigeria as contained in the NHDSPII and the Country Cooperative Strategy, WHO Nigeria is committing to supporting efforts to rapidly improve response to and intrupt the current upsurge in cases of circulation Vaccine Derived Polio Viruses type 2, and leveraging on the response to support routine immunization and PHC strengthening as well as mitigate effects of other health emergenicies. These efforts have resulted improved quality of PEI activities as well as decreasing incidence of poliovirus transmission in Nigeria. Priority Polio Eradication and Routine Immunization strategies and activities in the annual National Polio Eradication Emergency Plan and the multi year Strategic Framework for strengthening Routine Immunization.

MAIN OBJECTIVE OF ASSIGNMENT: To coordinate WHO technical and programmatic activities aimed at supporting the State to (a) achieve and maintain very high population immunity against polioviruses through high quality SIAs and routine immunization (b) achieve recommended surveillance performance indicators for Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), other Vaccine Preventable Diseases as well as other diseases of public health priority as highlighted in Nigeria's Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) strategy (c) Monitor PHC performance for decision making

SPECIFIC TASKS: The incumbent is expected to support State technical teams, partners and other appropriate stake-holders in the following specific tasks

Immunization and PHC (Routine Immunization, SIAs, Surveillance)

  1.  Support timely preparation of State Immunization/PEI (Polio Eradication, Routine Immunization and other accelerated control of vaccine preventable diseases) annual work-plans in line with national plans.
  2. Advocate for and participate in weekly coordination meetings of the State Technical Team to monitor implementation of priority PEI/Immunization activities as articulately in the State PEI/Immunisation plans.
  3. Support advocacy and technical presentations in the monthly State Inter-agency Coordination Committee or State Immunization Task Force meetings to review implementation of priority EPI/PEI activities and EPI/PEI performance indicators.
  4. Support timely (a) collection of all PEI/Immunization data (RI data, SIA dashboard data, Abuja commitments data, surveillance data, PEI accountability framework data....etc), (b) use of EPI/PEI data for action and (c) feed-forward to zonal and national level through the WHO State Coordinator.
  5. Ensure regular updating of State PEI/Immunization plans to incorporate technical recommendations from National Recommendations
  6. Coordinate and ensure the functionality of the Polio IMS structure and provide technical guidance to the Cluster Consultants and prepare monthly reports to the WHO State Coordinator.

Coordination of WHO State Technical Team

  1. Support the development and monitoring of (a) weekly work-plans in line with State work-plans and priorities and (b) weekly reports of implementation of their weekly work-plans at the end of each week
  2. Conduct weekly in-house coordination meetings and follow up priority actions for follow up.
  3. Collaborate closely with other partners in the state (CDC, UNICEF, Rotary...) through joint participation in meetings with State officials and other stake-holders (State team meetings, State Task Force meetings, State EOC or Operations Room meetings...etc) as well as in partner meetings as may be required.
  4. Ensure timely sharing of activity reports and or plans of activities to be supported by WHO with state authorities, partners and other relevant stake-holders in the state.
  5. To undertake at least 2-3 supportive supervision of WHO personnel supporting high risk or poor performing LGAs.
  6. Ensure quarterly performance appraisals of all WHO personnel in the State.

Cross Cutting Tasks

  1. Support training and capacity building of State, LGA staff as well as WHO personnel (Cluster Coordinators, LGA Facilitators, Field Volunteers).
  2. Implement administrative, financial, security and office operations responsibilities in line with laid down WHO rules and regulations.
  3. Provide any support as requested by WHO State Coordinator, Polio IMS and/or WHO Representative.

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPI): The following Key performance indicators will be monitored to assess the contribution of the incumbent towards the overall assignment objective.

PEI/Immunisation Programme Areas

1. Availability of evidence-based State PEI/Immunisation work-plans (Routine Immunization, Polio Eradication, Accelerated Control of other vaccine preventable diseases).

2. Timely submission of weekly reports of State PEI/Immunisation activities including meetings with State authorities and other stake-holders.

3. Timely submission of all PEI/Immunisation data and information, including PEI accountability framework information in line with established recommended time-lines.

4. Timely submission of all PEI/Immunisation activity reports including the state monthly EPI review report.

Coordination of WHO Polio IMS Technical Team

1.  Availability of electronic archives of all WHO personnel weekly

2. Minutes of weekly in-house coordination meetings with action points and status of implementation.

3. Monthly summary of supportive supervision conducted and actions taken to address gaps.

4. Ensure proper documentation and archiving of all key PEI/Immunisation activities supported by WHO personnel.

5. Timely availability of performance appraisals of all WHO personnel in the State.

Cross cutting Tasks

1. Documentation of all training and other capacity building activities

Cross Cutting Tasks

1. Availability of weekly work-plans as well as weekly reports for all WHO Cluster Coordinators and other WHO technical staff deployed to the state (STOP team members, STCs....)

2. Reports of advocacy activities and evidence of increased stake-holder engagement and/or participation in immunization and/or surveillance activities.

3.  Evidence of increased partnership with key stakeholders in support of immunization and/or surveillance particularly in high risk areas and/or areas with sub-optimal programme performance indicators.


  1. The PHO (Polio Surveillance) reports to the WHO State Coordinator (SC).
  2. Overall Technical Guidance for the programme will be provided in line with national guidelines by the Polio IM as well as the Sub-pillar leads from Abuja.
  3. Overall policy and managerial support and guidance will be provided by the WHO Representative in Nigeria.



Essential: First level university degree in medicine and/or public health planning and administration, complemented by training in

public health/epidemiology/health science.

Desirable: Master's degree in public health or equivalent. Training on epidemiology and/or outbreak investigation will be asset.


Essential: At least 7years of experience required in public health surveillance with emphasis on emergency response relief

and/or the management of epidemic-prone diseases.

Desirable: Experience in the areas of outbreak investigation and response for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, particularly in developing countries.


Demonstrated knowledge, competency and professional skills on the public health aspects of infectious disease control,

epidemic and pandemic preparedness and response with particular attention to application of an all-hazard approach in the

context of the International Health Regulations (2005) and the use of event based and indicator based surveillance, as well as

descriptive epidemiology and principles of public health in communicable disease surveillance and response;--> Managerial skills

for the development, implementation, monitoring and analysis of public health programmes for infectious diseases within a highly

demanding work environments;--> Sound knowledge and skills in database management and statistical analysis, secondary data

review, survey designing and implementation, monitoring and evaluation systems design or use, and public health information

management--> Strong professional oral and writing skills including the development of reports, oral presentations and technical

guidance and advocacy documents.

WHO Competencies

(a) Teamwork

(b) Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

(c) Communication

(d) Building and promoting partnerships across the organization and beyond

(e) Knowing and managing yourself

(f) Creating an empowering and motivating environment

Use of Language Skills

Essential: Expert knowledge of English and local language.

This job is no longer available.