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Specialist consultant in trade related environmental requirements by food product
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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Job Expired 7 Dec 2021
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Job Description


Food production is a complex and varied set of activities, both agricultural and non-agricultural, involving an increasing number of sectors and actors that influence the way food is produced, processed, distributed and consumed.

In this framework, new dimensions have been revealed to consider when producing, marketing and exporting food. Among them, stands out the impact of agri-food systems on the environment and the well-being of farmers, as well as concerns about the safety and nutritional quality of food, among others. Many of these new concerns are being explicitly included in trade agreements.

This poses new challenges for global agri-food systems in an attempt to respond to these trends. In particular, the speed and magnitude of the changes particularly challenge developing countries that need to place their agri-food surpluses in external markets.

In line with this, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), under its research agenda proposes a series of papers that will be prepared analyzing the main challenges faced by national agri-food systems in the South American southern cone countries in relation to international food trade to improve international governance.

IFPRI is seeking a qualified consultant to prepare a summary paper that identifies the main challenges faced by the South American agro-export sector in relation to the environmental requirements per product that determine worldwide market access as well as highlighting the opportunities for adding environmental value that the region has.


Scope of work

  • Analyze the main trade related environmental standards schemes for agro-industrial export products from South America
  • Analyze the main regulatory advances at the multilateral commercial level (WTO)
  • Analyze the initiatives under development in the main export markets– main demands for agri-food export sectors
  • Analyze cases of projects under development in the region to respond to identified market access requirements
  • Identify the main challenges and opportunities faced by the agro-export chains of South America
  • Prepare a paper including all the survey points previously mentioned concluding with the identification of the main challenges faced by national agri-food systems in the South American southern cone countries in relation to international food trade and trade related environmental requirements

Required qualificationsof the consultant

  • Master’s degree in international economics, relations and trade, or social sciences with a specialization in market access
  • Demonstrated 10 years of professional experience in analysis, implementation, and development of environmental requirements/standards for agri-food products with international commercial impact
  • Demonstrated professional experience in the analysis of certifications schemes of environmental standards for agri-food products
  • Demonstrated professional experiences with agro-industrial exporting sectors in countries of the South America
  • Demonstrable academic experience and research of public and private multilateral regulation in trade related environmental standards
  • Previous publications on the required topic
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Preferred qualifications

  • Professional experience in trade related environmental requirements for agri-food products
  • Professional experience in internationalization strategies for products with high environmental added value

Application Deadline: December 7, 2021

This job is no longer available.