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ERP Development - Development of a Web based IT Platform followed by converting into Mobile APP for end-to-end functioning
United Nations Volunteers (UNV)
Institute for Integrated Rural Development
Grade: Online Volunteer, Unspecified
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Job Description
The overall objective of the assignment is to create a digital platform where all internal functions of an institutions can be operationalised, including the entire functioning of an organisation aiming at enrolling people as members, facilitating in online training, democratic election process within the organisation, all communication, creating every members' profile page, meetings and decision making process and channelising all communication process. The assignment requires 5 volunteers: 1) Two for programming coder in PhP; 2) One for designing; 3) One for content writing; 4) One for testing / verifying. As the roles are different for each component of the assignment, it will be easier to orient all the selected candidates in joint online meeting while giving complete clarity of their roles for each of the component followed by the separate communication with each of them. The respective roles of the volunteers will be discussed with each one jointly as well as separately.
Technology development
Web and graphic design
The project is based on the digitisation of an institution for its internal operations. And the objective of the assignment is to create an Information Technology based transparent system of internal operation. The organisation will be working in close coordination with the online volunteers to complete the assignment in time. This will help the organisation to get more similar opportunities helping the organisation to sustain its developmental and welfare operations. The opportunity will surely benefit the organisation in terms of resources, competence and the experience.
Volunteers: 5 needed
11-20 hours per week / 12 weeks
1) Experience with program code in PhP; - Should be well versed in coding in PhP 2) Experience in designing; - Should have experience of designing web based applications 3) Experience in content writing; - Should have experience of writing contents as per the subject 4) Experience in testing / verifying. - Should have experience of testing various components of the application and identify bugs, if any
English, Hindi
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