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Help Create Video Animations for Counter Trafficking Education
United Nations Volunteers (UNV)
Global Welfare Association (GLOWA)
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Job Description
We need a mall team one creative volunteer to support our counter trafficking education project team with creating a video animation that will raise awareness on trafficking recruitment scams and help empower potential victims particularly in prone communities to identify and manage the scams to stay safe. The project shall contribute to build and sustain trafficking resistant communities in Cameroon The team of volunteer should produce short video animation of approximately 2-3 minutes long. The volunteer shall work in collaboration with the team in GLOWA in executing the assignment
Art and design
Arts, music, photography and film
GLOWA is a counter trafficking organization that pays particular attention to the education of vulnerable populations on child trafficking. COVID-19 obliges us to be more innovative and continue to serve our target population even in times of health challenges as now. GLOWA want to use these animated videos to outsmart traffickers and educate potential victims on child trafficking and its impact on children and prick the consciences of community members to stand up for the protection of children. For this to happened, we need the help of online volunteers because images they say speaks tones.
Volunteers: 4 needed
1-5 hours per week / 12 weeks
Volunteers are expected to possess kills and experience in animated film and video production including graphic design/illustration. We strongly encourage volunteer applicants to provide links to their previous in their Curriculum. A degree in communications, graphic design or related field is considered an asset.
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