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Communications Campaign Consultant for The Anti-trafficking In Person’s Council (A-TIPS)
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Grade: Consultant, Unspecified
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Job Description
  1. Background

Established in 1951, IOM is the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting human and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does this by providing services and advice to governments and migrants. Since Belize became a member state of the United Nations Agency for Migration (IOM) in 2000, IOM has established itself as an expert institution in migration and migration management in the country.

The Western Hemisphere Program (WHP) funded by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), seeks to strengthen the capacities of States in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean to manage migration in a humane and sustainable manner. The Program has four pillars: migration management, regional dialogue and partnerships, migration crisis management, and communication for development. The WHP is currently being implemented in Belize for the fourth consecutive year at Phase XI.

In that regard, IOM Belize, and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council of Belize (A-TIPS) are jointly partnering on anti-human trafficking activities including strengthening the capacities of tourism stakeholders on how to identify and report suspected cases of human trafficking. Human Trafficking is an egregious crime affecting countries across the globe. Due to demographics and location, countries fall under either the point of origin, transit, or destination for Human Trafficking. Belize has been deemed one of the ideal locations attracting Human Traffickers due its location in Central America; it has been proven to be not only a point of origin and transit, but also a destination for Human Trafficking.

With Human Trafficking becoming a growing issue in Belize, in 2003, efforts were made by the Government of Belize to combat this issue through the establishment of an Anti-Trafficking Task Force which, later in 2005, changed its status to Anti-Trafficking in Persons Committee. In 2013 the Anti-Trafficking Task Force was legally elevated to the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council (A-TIPs Council) comprising of members from eight Ministries working jointly to combat the crime and provide support and protection to TIP victims.

The A-TIPS Council consistently partners with organizations like IOM to address, not only Trafficking in Persons, but other issues that are risk factors to TIPs. Through increased availability and dissemination of accurate, understandable, and compelling information, citizen awareness on the issue will grow, strengthening the fight against Human Trafficking.

  1. Objectives:

Develop a sustained Communications Campaign to be launched on World Day Against Human Trafficking (July 30th) for:

Raising Awareness on Trafficking in Persons (TIP) in Belize.

Educating the general public on the risks and dangers associated with Trafficking In Persons to ensure that the general public is aware.

Encouraging reporting of TIPs Including outlining ways of reporting cases of TIP.

Highlighting services and resources available to TIP victims.

  1. General Functions:
  2. Development of a captivating communications campaign name to establish branding and communicate the overall objective of the campaign.
  3. Develop social media content.
  • Develop posts (short informational messages) to share on social media (Facebook and other social media platforms) on Human Trafficking and migration to facilitate open dialogue on the topics.
  • Conceptualize, develop, and schedule a series of short educational videos to build awareness on various topics related TIP and Migration.
  • Develop human interest stories
  • Develop Hashtags to be used for all related posts to stimulate intrigue, to grow following, and to connect the campaign with other similar efforts, thus, consequently multiplying local, regional, and international awareness of anti-trafficking and promotion of regular migration efforts.
  • Develop social media polls and Instagram quizzes to generate and sustain engagement and to get a general idea of public understanding of the topics/evaluation of knowledge pertaining to the topics
  • Plan and execute a virtual competition that can amplify the discourse on TIPs and Migration (general knowledge competition or Poster Competition).
  1. Set up an Instagram page for the Anti-trafficking in Persons Council
  • Identify the most strategic way in which the council could create an Instagram page that will reach the younger population of Belize
  • Identify a network of people that would be strategic to grow the following of the Instagram page which could help with increasing the base of persons receiving crucial information on trafficking in persons.
  1. Traditional Media
  • Schedule appearance on reputable television talk shows and radio talk shows to discuss TIP and Migration and reach a wider audience; this will allow for the public to participate in meaningful informative discussions on TIP and Migration.
  • Develop discussion guide/talking points to be used for media appearances to ensure that important, relevant information is discussed.
  • Television or Radio Advertisements
  1. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials
  • Develop infographics, Brochures, pamphlets that provide succinct information on the topics, including contact numbers for service providers, resource centers as well as emergency contacts.
  • Develop material that can be used to share with the taxi drivers and bus drivers that provide succinct information on the topics, responsibilities in reporting, contact number for services providers sand resource centers as well as emergency contacts
  1. Information Fair/Booth Set-up

Plan and Execute information booth or information fair to engage and communicate with target audience at locations that have a concentration of the target population. Face-to-face interaction is important for trust-building and to address queries quickly.

  1. Deliverables

Under the direct supervision of the National Coordinator of the Western Hemisphere Program and the Information, Education, and Communication Committee of the A-TIPS Council, the incumbent consultant will take responsibility for the quality of the study, and should include the following tasks:


Estimated delivery


Inception Report, including work plan, timeline of activities and Development of a captivating communications campaign name to launch on World Day Against TIPS

2 weeks


Develop social media content.

3 weeks


Set up an Instagram page for the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council

1 week


Traditional Media- Schedule and Book appearances

1-2 weeks


Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials

1-2 weeks


Activity Plan for information fair/ Information Booth

1 week


  1. Requirements

The consultation will be performed by an expert with the following qualifications:

  • Advanced University degree in Communication, Marketing, or related field;
  • Extensive work experience and proven record in communications, marketing, advocacy, policy, campaigns, strategic management
  • Proficiency in English
  1. Competencies

The candidate must have and demonstrate the following technical and behaviour competencies:


  • Compliance with the deadlines, costs, and quality of required products.
  • Takes responsibility to comply with commitments and blunders.
  • Self-monitoring of work and corrects mistakes.


  • Teamwork abilities.
  • Coordination and dialogue abilities.
  • Compliance with policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Development of objectives, management of timeframes, qualities, and cost for the achievement of results.
  • Capacity to work in high-stress situations.


  • Establishes and maintains effective working relations with stakeholders and partners.


  • Excellent writing and grammar in English.
  • Actively shares relevant information.
  • Clearly communicates ides and actively listens to feedback.
  • Clear and effective writing, adapting vocabulary and style to each public.

Planning and organization

  • Establishes clear and attainable objectives, in line with the priorities of the team and others.
  • Identifies risks and prepares contingency plans.

Creativity and initiative

  • Continuous drive to improve activities and processes.
  • Proactively develops innovative ideas and solves problems.


  • English
  • Spanish is an asset
  1. How to apply

Interested internal candidates are invited to submit their applications by completing and sending the Internal Application Form, a letter of interest, and a CV to the following e-mail address: by May 21ST, 2021 at the latest, referring to this advertisement.

  • A CV including technical proposal, including the candidate’s capacity to meet the objectives of the project, including relevant prior experience; proposed methodology and indication of availability (3 pages max.).
  • A budget or financial proposal indicating the time and resources that will be required.


  • Only the applications that comply with the required profile will be taken into consideration.Those applications received after the due date or the ones that do not include the name of the position, will not be considered.


International Organization of Migration (IOM)

Suite 4, Ground Floor, 376 Bay Street,

Buttonwood Bay, Belize City



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Friday, May 21, 2021
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