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High Net Worth Donor Events Specialist
World Vision International (World Vision)
Grade: Unspecified
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Job Description

*Preferred position location: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Albania. Other locations location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The High Net Worth Donor Events Specialist develops and coordinates engaging meetings and events to drive High Net Worth (HNW) donor engagement, including informational meetings, webinars, virtual field tours, and in-person field visits (as conditions permit) across the Europe region. This role manages numerous projects across European support offices and World Vision field offices, developing a calendar of events that serve the needs of HNW donors and European fundraising offices and staff, requiring strong, ongoing collaboration with leaders, staff, and technical experts at all levels of the organisation, including vendors and consultants. Organisation, attention to detail, and collaboration

are critical to success in this role.


Develop and manage a calendar of regular field calls for HNW donors:

  • Identify, through business/ROI analysis, and provide expert recommendations on types of events to sponsor and attend.

  • Identify/develop a rolling, yearly calendar of events (virtual and physical) to provide opportunities for HNW Fundraising and Marketing staff to engage and educate HNW donors on projects and impacts.

  • Develop a communication strategy and systems to ensure that offices are aware of and able to easily use the events calendar.

  • Work with internal and external teams /products as needed to ensure technological, cultural, and language support for the diverse population of HNW donors.

  • Develop and maintain database(s) of field and NO projects, outcomes, staff, experts, etc. across the inventory, to inform and provide potential speakers for virtual and in-person meetings and events.

Support the design, strategy, and execution of virtual and in-person (when safe to do so) events and meetings for HNW donors:

  • Identify, through business/ROI analysis, and provide expert recommendations on types of events to sponsor and attend.

  • Identify appropriate internal and external technical support needed to develop ‘Virtual Vision Trip’ event focused on HNW donor needs and interests.

  • Lead development of ‘Virtual Vision Trip’ event focused on HNW donor needs and interests, in partnership with the Global Comms team and US office.

  • Liaise with European, regional, and field offices to ensure effective logistical management of events, including staffing, marketing materials and collateral, travel, shipping and response devices.

  • Liaise with European, regional, and field offices to develop and coordinate budgets, themes, registration processes, speakers, transportation, venue, audio/visual technology, food and beverage selection, etc. for HNW donor events.

  • Leverage best practice “Event in a box” resources from WVUS and others to share more broadly.

  • Liaise with event offices and communications to market events.

  • Assess, report on, and adapt strategy and practice, based on learning from event results.

Develop and maintain resources for use by European fundraising staff to engage and educate HNW donors about World Vision’s field work:

  • Ensure understanding of World Vision Philanthropy strategic goals, objectives, organisational announcements, and activities.

  • Develop and maintain a catalogue of short, highly consumable foundational narratives, fact sheets, etc. about projects and programmes.

  • Develop ‘kits’ of shareable impact stories, statistics, project updates, video tours and interviews, interactive connections, etc. to support the effective communication of World Vision’s activities and impact to HNW donors.

  • Develop techniques and tools to help make shared HNW projects more consumable by both fundraisers and donors.


  • 5+ years of work experience coordinating successful virtual and physical events, including planning, logistics and management.

  • Must have a strong understanding of the unique requirements for HNW donors (as distinguished from mass-market fundraising) marketing and engagement.

  • Demonstrated success coordinating a broad calendar of events across a dispersed organisation.

  • Experience coordinating projects in diverse, multicultural, remote communication contexts.

  • Experience coordinating the development of virtual experiences for donors or other markets.

  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, fundraising, hospitality, logistics, project management, communications or a highly related field.

  • NOTE: Certification and/or professional experience, particularly in directly relevant events roles, may substitute for education; this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Fluent English speaking and writing capacity.


  • Experience in HNW donor relations roles.

  • Proven experience developing successful events/experiences for HNW donors.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Limited travel may be required; less than 10%.

This job is no longer available.