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National Professional Officer (Senior Forest Management Expert)
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Grade: NPO (National Professional Officer), Chief and Senior Professional
Job Expired 22 Nov 2021
Added 9 months ago
Job Description

Organizational Setting

The Programme Management Unit (PMU) of the FAO-Saudi Technical Cooperation Programme (2019-2025) facilitates, coordinates and manages all technical and advisory services to be provided by FAO to the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MoEWA). The project 'UTF/SAU/051/SAU Strengthening MoEWA's Capacity to Implement the Sustainable Rural Agricultural Development Programme' is the first project that has been approved within the framework of FAO-Saudi Technical Cooperation Programme (2019-2025). The project will provide technical and advisory assistance to the MoEWA in implementing its flagship sustainable rural agricultural development programme that has recently been approved within the context of the National Transformation Programme of the Saudi Vision 2030. The project expected results will be achieved through implementation of nine project components: 1) Development of coffee Arabica production, processing and marketing; 2) Development of beekeeping and honey production; 3) Development of rose production and trade; 4) Development of sub-tropical fruits production, processing and marketing; 5) Strengthening capacity of small-scale fishermen and fish farmers; 6) Strengthening capacity of small-scale livestock herders; 7) Development of rain-fed cereals production; 8) Enhancing value addition from smallholdings and rural activities; and 9) Strengthening MoEWA's capacity in sustainable management of rangelands, forests and natural resources to support rural livelihoods.


The incumbent will be part of the Programme Management Unit of the FAO-Saudi Technical Cooperation Programme in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Reporting Lines

The National Professional Officer reports directly to the FAO Programme Coordinator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in consultation with the Chief Technical Adviser of the project and in collaboration with the Chief Technical Adviser of the Sustainable Rural Agricultural Development Programme. 

Technical Focus

Programme development and management, coordination and operational support based on the knowledge of the local conditions, culture, language, and institutions of Saudi Arabia.


Key Results

Effective and efficient management and coordination of the technical and operational support of the programme and project.


Key Functions

         Participates in policy dialogue and advises government authorities, local, national and international institutions in the areas of FAO's activities and liaises with other UN agencies. Represents FAO at inter-agency meetings.

         Promotes the image of FAO through advocacy of the Organization's mandate, programmes, national priorities and activities including the coordination of development and maintenance of communication tools such as website, press releases and publications, and supports the implementation of FAO's regulatory frameworks (Codex Alimentarius, Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, Safe Use of Pesticides, etc.) in the country.


         Coordinates and manages the maintenance of country data on food, crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries, including information on external aid in FAO's corporate systems and monitor and communicate changes in national policies affecting the agricultural sector.

         Takes the lead in producing technical, economic and policy studies as well as developing country level development frameworks such as the Country Programming Framework (CPF) and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

         Identifies, formulates and coordinates the preparation of programme and project proposals, monitors FAO field programme implementation, ensuring that all operational activities are carried out in line with the work plan and the project document, and makes recommendations on how to improve results and increase efficiency.

         Briefs, trains and supervises lower grade level programme staff regarding all aspects of the job. Ensures adherence to procedures and work requirements and accuracy and diligence of the work provided.


Specific Functions

         Co-leads the comprehensive situation analysis, baseline assessment and diagnostic studies on the extent and status of forest and other natural resources in Saudi Arabia to give directions on their sustainable development;

         Identifies and ensures appropriate management of indigenous plants orchards and mother trees to produce quality seeds of forest plants;


         Reviews and assesses agroforestry systems and practices currently used by smallholders in the target regions and designs and promotes adoption of appropriate agroforestry systems and practices by smallholders;

         Reviews and updates opportunities for integrating agroforestry and community forestry for land degradation control in target regions;

         Prepares, updates and lead implementation of practical guidelines on integrating agroforestry systems and practices in vegetation cover rehabilitation and conservation;

         Prepares, updates and lead implementation of guidelines for introducing suitable community based forestry approaches within the rangelands of Saudi Arabia;

         Leads field organization and implementation of inventories of forest and natural resources in Saudi Arabia;

         Leads field assessment of the potentials of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFPs) in the project target regions for income generation and livelihoods support and promotes their sustainable developments in different rural contexts;

         Co-prepares and leads testing of management plans for sustainable management and conservation of mangrove forests;

         Coordinates study on Integrated Pest Management for forest vegetation cover protection;

         Leads the development of demand driven and responsive partnerships to benefit Saudi Arabia from proven innovation and good practices in the south and the north for sustainable forest management;


            Co-leads the development and dissemination of information and knowledge products for sustainable forest management.


Minimum Requirements

         National of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

         Advanced University degree in forest conservation and management, natural resources management or any other related field.

         Seven years of relevant experience in sustainable forest management and natural resources management and/or project management in the field of sustainable rural agricultural development

          Working knowledge (Level C) of  Arabic and limited knowledge (Level B) of English.


         Results Focus



         Building Effective Relationships

         Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement


 Technical/Functional Skills

         Work experience in more than one location or area of work, particularly in field positions is desirable

         Extent and relevance of experience in natural resources management.

         Demonstrated understanding of the purpose and functions of the technical programme, operational guidelines and project/programme management procedures, preferably those adopted by the United Nations or FAO.

         Extent and relevance of experience in the field of policy analysis relating to natural resources food and nutrition security, agriculture and rural development.

         Extent and relevance of experience in the collection of country data on food, crops, livestock, forestry and natural resources.

              Extent and relevance of experience in the identification, formulation and preparation of programme and project proposals as well as programme/project implementation, monitoring and reviewed.

•           Extent and relevance of experience in Saud Arabia is considered a strong asset

This job is no longer available.