Help underprivileged children and youth practice speaking English
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Better Life Vietnam
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Occupations: General Support, Social and Inclusive Development, Youth and Adolescence
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This is a conversational class type on google hangout. Topics/questions will be given before each call. Online Volunteers: play the a facilitating role who will listen to the students, ask and answer their questions. This will help them practice speaking and listening. Online Volunteers can start the class first by some warming up questions before talking about given topics/questions. Online Volunteers can answer those given questions first then pass the questions around to the students. - If student’ answer is too short, facilitator can ask additional relevant questions - If a student doesn’t understand facilitator’s questions or new words, facilitator can help explain the meaning of the word or give an example of an expected answer. - While students speaking, Online Volunteers note down mistakes (a word which is pronounced wrong, wrong use of grammar, etc). There will be around 5 minutes in the end of the call for Online Volunteers to give a quick feedback or correction.
Teaching and training
Language teaching
Better Life Vietnam (BLV) is an NGO working to improve education conditions for underprivileged children and youth. We have recently launched an Online English Communication Program. Teaching and learning English are not efficient at public schools. Students who come from low-income families in the city and in rural areas have an especially hard time with learning and practicing English. Currently, English is on track to be the most spoken second language in Vietnam, however, compared to their city counterparts, these students are at a disadvantage and do not have the chance to study at English centers with native teachers. Our goal is to raise the level of English proficiency in underprivileged students who live in rural areas, mountainous areas, areas outside of the city center, and industrial areas. BLV will partner with Public schools and organizations to bring foreign volunteers to provide the opportunity for these children to learn, practice, and confidently speak English. We hope to further enrich the students’ knowledge of English and give them the opportunity to be more informed of the happenings of the modern world.
Volunteers: 5 needed
1-5 hours per week / 13 weeks
Better Life Vietnam welcomes online volunteers who are native English speakers WHO ARE AVAILABLE in the evenings ICT (7-10pm ICT). Online volunteers are not required to have a teaching degree or credentials. All that is required is to have a passion for teaching and a love for children.
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