Translating a training manual and PowerPoint slides for IOM Bahrain
United Nations Volunteers (UNV)
International Organization for Migration - Bahrain
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Occupations: Educations, General Support
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Job Description
IOM Bahrain is looking for three online volunteers to translate a training manual and PowerPoint slides from English to Arabic. The manual consists of six training modules of around 200 pages in total. There are also around 200 presentation slides to be translated alongside the manual. With the development of this training manual we are hoping to contribute to the efforts of the government of Bahrain to combat trafficking in persons (TIP) by drafting a training curriculum for the use of frontline TIP actors.
Translation and interpretation
IOM was established in 2018 and as we grow we would like to expand our work to support migrants. This task is part of activities tailored for the project of Bahrain’s Regional Centre of Excellence for capacity building in the field of trafficking in persons. It includes drafting training curricula for frontline TIP actors from which selected individuals will be capacitated to deliver tailored trainings.
Volunteers: 3 needed
20+ hours per week / 2 weeks
Candidates must be native speakers of Arabic and fluent in English. They should also be familiar with terms on human rights and trafficking in persons. They should also have previous experience in translating official documents. Translation of a paragraph will be requested as part of the selection process.
English, Arabic
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