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Consultancy on mainstreaming human mobility into Belize’s climate change policy and development of an evidence-based, comprehensive action plan
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Grade: Consultancy, Unspecified
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Job Description

Office: Belize
Classification: Individual Consultant
Type of Contract: 4 months
Starting Date: 15st of December 2020
Ending Date:15th March 2021

As the leading intergovernmental agency working on migration, IOM has been engaging in research, policy and operational activities in the area of migration, environment and climate change since the 1990s, in support of national, regional and international efforts to address human mobility challenges associated with environmental factors and climate change.


Historically, the Government of Belize has mainly focused its migration interventions on responding to international migration flows and border management related issues. Meanwhile, climate change and sudden onset disasters have caused Belizeans to move from coastal rural communities to urban communities, as well as undeveloped areas. However, an evidence gap persists in regard to internal migration related to climate change, therefore, these concerns have not been mainstreamed in the country’s climate change strategies and policies. The Government of Belize has requested IOM’s support to foster the integration of migration in climate change action, hence the project “BUILDING THE CAPACITIES OF THE GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE TO ADDRESS THE CHALLENGES ASSOCIATED WITH MIGRATION AND CLIMATE CHANGE IN VULNERABLE COASTAL COMMUNITIES”. Efforts are also required to design planned relocation programmes that take into consideration the vulnerabilities of affected populations and their informed expectations, as well as the complexity of land issues and the need for monitoring and evaluation. IOM, in partnership with the Government of Belize, is finalizing two key assessments, one based on the Internal mobility of target communities due to the impact of climate change and sudden onset disasters and an assessment based on the vulnerability of target coastal communities for eventual planned relocation.


1. Nature of the Consultancy

The consultancy will use evidence from the two assessments (internal mobility and vulnerability of coastal communities) and other sources to prepare a draft report on human mobility in contexts of disasters and climate change in Belize, from which the findings will be integrated into Belize’s National Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Action Plan, in collaboration with key relevant stakeholders.

The report on human mobility in contexts of disasters and climate change will be accompanied by an integrated and comprehensive action plan to address internal migration related to climate change and disasters in coastal communities, including a road map of specific priority actions, such as capacity-building initiatives for the government and key stakeholders on the migration, environment and climate change nexus. The action plan will guide forthcoming actions on the government side along with stakeholders for a period of three years and will therefore enable adequate government ownership of the initiative.

2. Objectives of the consultancy:

The objective of the consultancy is to support policy development in Belize related to the migration, environment and climate change nexus. This objective will be achieved through the following activities:

  1. To develop a report on human mobility, from which the results will be mainstreamed and integrated into an updated National Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Action Plan (NCCPSAP) of the Government of Belize. This includes a series of tasks, listed below.
  2. To prepare an action plan to address internal migration related to climate change and disasters, including a road map of specific priority actions on the migration, environment and climate change nexus.

This entails the following processes:

  1. Review environmental and climate change vulnerabilities, and populations most at risk through existing research, key informant interviews and vulnerability mapping
  2. Map and analyse the current migration and environmental (climate change) policy and legal documents, including a gap analysis, and development plans, and disaster risk reduction plans
  3. Draft an initial version of a comprehensive report on human mobility based on the findings and recommendations of the two assessments for integration into the Belize NCCPSAP, including sections on the available evidence, policy frameworks, recommendations, and priorities.
  4. Plan and organize programme meetings, national consultations and community consultations including liaising with Government of Belize counterparts, civil society and community representatives for the validation of the report.
  5. Finalize and submit the final version of the report inclusive of the plan of action for validation, integrating received comments in close coordination with IOM and the Government of Belize.
  6. Identify strategies for implementation and existing good practices to integrate and mainstream human mobility in climate strategies of Belize with a focus on capacity building and policy planning and identify key partners to engage in the policy development for coastal communities.

Factors that will need to be considered in the plan of action include addressing internal migration related to climate change and disasters. The Plan of action should have an interdisciplinary approach, to address a variety of factors, such as social, cultural, economic and environmental to avoid gaps in planning, implementation and follow up and create a multidimensional reference to specific scenarios for building resilience, increasing effectiveness of the relocation process itself, and minimizing the impact of environmental stressors.


3. Tasks to be fulfilled

Below are the tasks to be carried out by the Consultant (including but not limited to):

  • Inception phase
    • Initiate a virtual discussion with IOM to determine in detail the scope of the consultancy
    • Preparation of a detailed workplan outlining the consultancy methodology, roles, responsibilities, and timelines; and a realistic time frame, with an established budget
    • Meeting with IOM to discuss and agree on the content of the workplan.

  • Development of the research tools and methodology
    • The consultant will prepare a bibliography, list of interviewees and a detailed consultations plan.
    • Presentation of the research methodology to the Steering Committee of the project and intake of suggestions and recommendations
    • Review and update of research methodology and tools to meet the Steering Committee recommendations and submission of revised documents to IOM.

  • Desktop review of available information on human mobility in climate strategies of Belize with a focus on capacity building and policy planning
    • Preparation of desk reviews reports including:
      • 1. A revision of existing bibliography, tools, and methods related to the impact on human mobility in climate strategies with a focus on capacity building and policy planning, inclusive of socioeconomic (economic, education and employment) and gender perspectives.
      • 2. A revision of available information and work done in Belize or examples of other countries.

  • Consultations: Stakeholder participation is an important part of this consultancy, as each aspect will be discussed to reduce subjectivity and arrive at the best recommendation for a gender inclusive report. Hence, it should be done in a participatory and transparent manner with relevant stakeholders.
    • Preparation of a work plan for focus group discussions in main stakeholder communities that need to be engaged.
    • Identification of key stakeholders for the assessment, organization and realization of interviews on the basis of the agreed interview protocols.
    • Organization and development of the focus group discussions to collect relevant information for the report on human mobility in climate strategies of Belize with a focus on capacity building and policy planning.

  • Analysis of collected information, preparation and finalization of the report to be annexed and used as a guiding tool for the action plan that will guide forthcoming actions from governmental sectors and possibly non-governmental organizations for a period of three years and will therefore enable adequate ownership of the initiative
    • The consultant will analyze all collected information from the desk reviews, interviews with key stakeholders and focus groups
    • A draft report will be prepared, along with an action plan to address internal migration related to climate change and disasters, including a road map of specific priority actions, such as capacity-building initiatives for the government and key stakeholders on the migration, environment and climate change nexus.
    • The draft report will be submitted to IOM for an initial review and for comments and suggestions.
    • These suggestions will be incorporated in the final document.
    • The draft report will then be presented to the Steering Committee of the project in a detailed manner, to collect feedback and suggestions.
    • The assessment report will be adapted according to comments from the Steering Committee.
    • The final assessment report will be presented according to the identified needs.

Other tasks may be added during the development of the consultancy, notably related to enhanced coordination with IOM or with the Steering Committee of the project (calls, meetings, presentations, etc.). Also, further tasks may be included in terms of the finalization of the document during its review, edition and layout.


  1. Detailed work plan for the consultancy and research methodology and tools.
  2. One Desk Review of relevant literature
  3. Executed consultations with Government partners and different stakeholders
  4. Presentation of the first draft and second draft of the report and plan of action.
  5. Final document produced and a one-day Validation workshop for the report and plan of action to be organized.



In order to procced with payments, the consultant must have the approval of the coordinator.


The Consultant should:

  • Have a minimum of a master’s degree (or equivalent advanced university degree) in Climate Sciences, land use, Social Sciences, Planning and/or an equivalent or minimum of Five years combination of training and experience in a related field.
  • Have extensive experience in conducting assessments. The candidate should have a good command of data collection and interviewing techniques.
  • Have a thorough understanding of internal migration issues pertaining to climate change.
  • Have strong analytical, verbal, and report writing skills in English.
  • Be willing to undertake in-country travel related to the assignment.
  • Experience in working with relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions and senior representatives in government offices.


The consultant is expected to demonstrate the following values and competencies:


  • Inclusion and respect for diversity respects and promotes individual and cultural differences; encourages diversity and inclusion wherever possible.
  • Integrity and transparency: maintain high ethical standards and acts in a manner consistent with organizational principles/rules and standards of conduct.
  • Professionalism: demonstrates ability to work in a composed, competent, and committed manner and exercises careful judgment in meeting day-to-day challenges.

Core Competencies

  • Teamwork: develops and promotes effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals and optimize results.
  • Delivering results produces and delivers quality results in a service-oriented and timely manner; is action oriented and committed to achieving agreed outcomes.
  • Managing and sharing knowledge continuously seeks to learn, share knowledge, and innovate.
  • Accountability: takes ownership for achieving the Organization’s priorities and assumes responsibility for own actions and delegated work.
  • Communication: encourages and contributes to clear and open communication; explains complex matters in an informative, inspiring and motivational way.


  • Have Good English and Spanish skills, oral and written


Any offer made to the candidate in relation to this vacancy notice is subject to funding confirmation.

Appointment will be subject to certification that the candidate is medically fit for appointment and verification of residency, visa and authorizations by the concerned Government, where applicable.

A prerequisite for taking up the position is legal residency in the country of the duty station, or in the neighbouring country located within commuting distance, and work permit, as applicable.


Interested applicants must submit:

  1. An Expression of Interest for the report (2-page max), clearly specifying the qualifications, suitability, and availability date. Interested applicants can propose a team of researchers to carry out the assessment and should be clearly stated in the Expression of Interest.
  2. Detailed Curriculum vitae. Applicants should clearly indicate information on previous assessment work and/or experience in research, including historical consultancy fee and minimum three referees (preferably former direct supervisors).
  3. Samples of previous assessment/research reports.
  4. Consultant selected should within the first week be able to provide all required medical documents that need to be sent to the Regional Office for Fit to Work approval to be given.

Selection process:

After the application period closes, the hiring team will carefully review all applications and invite shortlisted candidates to do a remote interview. A writing sample might be requested if the hiring team deems it necessary.

Only candidates that meet the required profile will be considered.

Validity of submitted proposal:

Submitted proposal should be valid for at least thirty (30) calendar days.


• Only applications that meet the required profile will be considered.

• Applications received beyond the deadline or that do not specify the name of the call will not be considered.

• The attachment must not weigh more than 2MB.

• Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted.


Home based



Vacancy Deadline:

Application shall be submitted by e-mail to indicating the reference code NC.0036. The deadline for applications is 22 of December 2020.


International Organization of Migration (IOM)

Suite 4, Ground Floor, 376 Bay Street,

Buttonwood Bay, Belize City



Only applicants who meet the above qualifications will be short-listed

Publication period:

8 December – 22 December 2020

Duty Station:
Remote (WFH)
Closing Date::
Tuesday, December 22, 2020
This job is no longer available.