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Do you want to build a career that is truly worthwhile? Working at the World Bank Group provides a unique opportunity for you to help our clients solve their greatest development challenges. The World Bank Group is one of the largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries; a unique global partnership of five institutions dedicated to ending extreme poverty, increasing shared prosperity and promoting sustainable development. With 189 member countries and more than 120 offices worldwide, we work with public and private sector partners, investing in groundbreaking projects and using data, research, and technology to develop solutions to the most urgent global challenges. For more information, visit

Social Sustainability and Inclusion (SSI) Global Practice in the WBG helps countries tackle deep rooted social problems stemming from fragility, climate change, exclusion, and the digital age with people centered solutions that build on local values and institutions. The GP engages with citizens, communities and governments to deepen resilience, build inclusion, and empower vulnerable and marginalized groups to have influence and voice. The GP prioritizes participatory, multi-sectoral approaches that build on norms and informal institutions to address social challenges and to build more inclusive, empowered communities. It also works across the Bank’s portfolio to implement the Environment and Social Framework (ESF) standards and strengthen inclusive development.

SSI Unit in East Asia and the Pacific (EAP)

The EAP region has two SSI units (SEAS1 and SEAS2) which are responsible for: (i) undertaking social analysis during project preparation and implementation, to mainstream social development and inclusion issues throughout the Bank’s work in the region; (ii) ensuring compliance with the Bank’s social safeguards policies on Involuntary Resettlement and Indigenous People and the implementation of the ESF; (iii) undertaking Advisory Services and Analytics in the form of thematic studies on social development issues, country social analysis, and Reimbursable Advisory Services; (iv) leading the preparation and supervision of lending operations that promotes inclusion of vulnerable groups including women and youth, and (v) facilitating partnerships and dialogue with civil society through outreach and engagement.
The SEAS2 unit is seeking a dynamic Social Development Extended Term Consultant (ETC) (with eligibility to work in Indonesia) to support the operational program in Indonesia with demonstrated ability to integrate digital solutions into government delivery systems and with experience in results-oriented project design and implementation. A major focus of the units engagement in Indonesia is on improving service delivery across Indonesia’s nearly 75,000 village in the rural areas. The program is looking to leverage digital technologies for improved accountability, transparency, and outcomes. These, in turn, are anticipated to lead to improved quality of spending, and localized development outcomes that match community needs.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The ETC will be a core member of the Indonesia Social Development team and will work closely across the unit’s operational engagements on digital technologies, policies and process changes so that systems and institutions support effective village development. The ETC will have the following key responsibilities:

• Carry out assessments of systems and institutional processes, and identify possible opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency through the introduction of digital technologies;
• Support the design of digital solutions for the improvement of village development outcomes, including both citizen-facing and government oriented solutions;
• Support the unit’s operational program in institutional strengthening and coordination across different levels of government
• Participate as a full member of task teams, in all aspects of the project cycle, as a core technical team member;
• Present and articulate core technical concepts to a wide range of audiences;
• Coordinate with sector teams on the integration of digital technologies in service delivery to ensure full integration across the World Bank program in Indonesia

Selection Criteria

It is expected that the successful candidate will meet the following selection criteria:

• Advanced university degree (Masters or PhD) in relevant social sciences
• Minimum of 5 years of professional experience
• Proven experience in international development or government service with a focus on program delivery
• Experience designing and deploying digital tools within government systems and institutions;
• Proven track record in communicating complex issues in a clear and concise manner to different stakeholders and hierarchy levels
• Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving, diplomacy and team skills, and the ability to work with a range of stakeholders;
• Good organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize and work within tight timeframes;
• Excellent oral and written communication skills in English; and fluency in Bahasa Indonesian is a plus

In addition, the successful candidate is expected to exhibit the following core competencies:

• Social Development Implications on Policy, Institutions, and Operations: solid understanding of the implications of social development on policy, institutions, and operations.
• Analytical Tools for Social Sustainability: Robust experience conducting social development analyses, producing meaningful results, and applying the tools in operations.
• Participation and Consultation: Solid experience conducting social development consultative and participatory approaches, and applying the approaches in operations;
• Knowledge and experience in development arena - understands policy making process; distills operationally relevant recommendations/lessons for clients.
• Policy Dialogue Skills - Identifies and assesses policy issues and plays an active role in the dialogue with the government and/or other stakeholders.
• Deliver Results for Clients: Proactively addresses client’s stated and unstated needs.
• Collaborate within teams and across boundaries: Collaborates across boundaries, gives own perspective and willingly received diverse perspectives.
• Lead and Innovate: Develops innovative solutions.
• Create, Apply and Share Knowledge: Applies knowledge across WBG to strengthen solutions for internal and/or external clients.
• Make Smart Decisions: Interprets a wide range of information and pushes to move forward.

Note: The selected candidate will be offered a one-year appointment, renewable for an additional one year, at the discretion of the World Bank Group, and subject to a lifetime maximum ET Appointment of two years. If an ET appointment ends before a full year, it is considered as a full year toward the lifetime maximum. Former and current ET staff who have completed all or any portion of their second-year ET appointment are not eligible for future ET appointments.

Poverty has no borders, neither does excellence. We succeed because of our differences and we continuously search for qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds from around the globe.

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