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Ashoka - External Affairs & Media Manager - Executive Office
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Position at Ashoka

Ashoka External Affairs and Media Manager

The External Affairs and Media Manager will play an important role supporting the CEO, Framechange Marketing team, and Executive Office, connecting the CEO to both external partners and teams within the organization. This individual will understand and be able to articulate Ashoka’s Everyone a Changemaker framework and gain a strong familiarity with Ashoka’s core programs. The ideal candidate will feel comfortable collaborating across teams and will see this as an introduction to the organization with multiple opportunities to work with other Ashoka teams in the future.

Additionally, the candidate should have strong analytical, executive, and project management skills, feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and making recommendations to the CEO and leadership team, and be able to identify and implement long-term institutional building.

Ideal Candidate would have the skills and at least five years of related experience to:

Create a strategic movement marketing communications architecture;
Establish strong media relationships;
Identify opportunities to partner with aligned actors, and to raise the level of awareness of Ashoka and the Everyone a Changemaker vision;
Help build Ashoka's global marketing and communications capacity in a team of teams organizational structure

Key achievements include

Movement Marketing: Support Ashoka, CEO, and Frame Change/Marketing/Comms team to build strong teams across multiple organizations and geographies that will together fundamentally shift how people think and behave. Advance this movement from the vision of Everyone a Changemaker to the reality where empathy-based changemaking is the new norm in society.

Media partnerships: Launch, nurture, and guide media strategy aligned with Ashoka’s
framework on behalf of the CEO. Cultivate key influencers, media, and publishers
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