Regional Director (ICS-14) (Roster)
United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
Grade: Director and Top Executive
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Job Description

“UNOPS plays a critical role in providing management services for our life-saving, peacebuilding, humanitarian and development operations. I have seen many examples of how these activities help suffering people in troubled parts of the world.” Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General.

UNOPS mission is to expand the capacity of the UN system and its partners to implement peacebuilding, humanitarian and development operations that matter for people in need.

Working in some of the world’s most challenging environments, UNOPS vision is to always satisfy partners with management services that meet world-class standards of quality, speed and cost effectiveness.

By assisting UN organizations, international financial institutions, governments and other development partners, UNOPS makes significant, tangible contributions to results on the ground.

UNOPS employs around 3,500 personnel annually and on behalf of its partners creates thousands more work opportunities in local communities. With its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, a network of five regional offices and a further 20 operations and project centres, UNOPS oversees activities in more than 80 countries.

The Regional Director has the overall authority and accountability for the performance of the regional portfolio, and reports to the Executive Director, with a secondary reporting line to the Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer. In exercising his/her responsibilities the Regional Director is supported by a Deputy Regional Director, who is also the Regional Operations Officer

The functions/duties/key results of this job description are generic and may not always be applicable, nor comprehensive, for all jobs under this job title.

The incumbent is responsible to abide by security policies, administrative instructions, plans and procedures of the UN Security Management System and that of UNOPS.

Results that matter - In ensuring results that matter, the Regional Director: Provides strategic direction and support for development of engagements with partners. Ensures operationalization of UNOPS strategic plan through development of business strategies and plans for the regional office and its operations centers and advises the Executive Director on opportunities for expanding the regional portfolio. Ensures the viability of the region through development and implementation of a portfolio of projects meeting the needs and requirements of UNOPS partners. Enables deepening of partnerships with relevant partners through building and maintaining collaborative relationships at appropriate levels. Protects and strengthens UNOPS brand through showcasing capabilities and enhancing the understanding of UNOPS value-add. Fosters an environment for sharing of business opportunities, and leverage of and contribution to knowledge of UNOPS Implementation Support Practices.

Operational excellence - In driving operational excellence, the Regional Director: Oversees and enables efficient and effective implementation of support for partners in line with UNOPS corporate strategy. Leverages corporate management information systems and reports to monitor and oversee the efficient and effective delivery of the regional office portfolio. Conducts recurrent review of regional portfolio and ensures course correction when needed. Facilitates quality assurance and timely provision of support and appropriate and diligent execution of approvals and other transactional controls at all levels. Ensures coordinated and integrated approaches to delivery of the regional portfolio of projects. Maintains appropriate modalities for decision-making, coordination and integration at the regional level. Leads by example and appropriate behavioural reinforcement, to motivate and empower regional team of OC Managers and advisory and support functions. Ensures appropriate levels of consultation and information, with peers in relevant regions, to enable coordinated delivery of the global regional portfolio; and that opportunities for leverage of regional or corporate transactional facilities are sought. Fulfils designated safety and security responsibilities (as Country Representative and/or Security Focal Point) within the area of operation to include the protection of all UNOPS personnel, assets, property and information belonging to UNOPS and/or the UN.

Organizational maturity - In contributing to UNOPS organizational maturity, the Regional Director: Plays a central role in informing and implementing the corporate improvement agenda Encourages contribution to development of management policies; enables application of corporate policies and tools, and ensures appropriate structural arrangements at all levels. Ensures that operations are consistent with UNOPS management policies and instructions issued by UNOPS Management Practices, and that functions are organized to ensure timely and cost-effective execution. Ensures that corporate tools are used to their full advantage; that requirements and potential solutions for new or improved policies, instructions, guidance and tools are channelled to the relevant Management Practice for consideration. Ensures, in coordination with relevant practices, that the knowledge, skill and experience of regional practitioners is applied in support of implementation of the corporate improvement agenda, and continuously upgraded through deployment of training and internal certification schemes. Ensures that appropriate structural arrangements at the regional level are maintained and documented

Liaison with stakeholders - In facilitating liaison with stakeholders, the Regional Director: Acts as an advocate for UNOPS, in coordination with the Executive Office, peers in all regions (Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe & Middle East, Latin & North America) and the Corporate Performance and Outreach Group, (s)he liaises and networks with partners in the UN system to facilitate effective representation of UNOPS capabilities and deepening partnerships through in-depth understanding of needs and requirements.

In addition to UN/UNOPS core values/competencies, proven ability to provide strategic direction and create a work environment that enables the organization to achieve results.

Demonstrated leadership and management skill, including the ability to work under pressure, sound judgment, inspire and lead people enabling team work, collaboration and excellent team performance, and sustain momentum.

Demonstrated ability to develop and execute business strategies, achieving goals through market focus, innovative approaches, and entrepreneurial spirit while bearing in mind calculated risks.

Ability to work in an integrated information system environment, using computer based management tools.

Superior client service orientation with good understanding of UNOPS business, its operational environment and its partners, their mandates and the broader principles of the United Nations.

Global mind-set with sensitivity to diverse culture/workforce and a high level of energy and enthusiasm

Excellent communication and negotiation skills, with the ability to persuade and influence others.

Masters Degree or equivalent in Management, Business Administration, Social Sciences, or other related fields.

A minimum of 15 years of progressively responsible experience in an international environment, which includes senior management responsibilities and leading roles in managing programmes and projects with diverse personnel in either Public or Private Sectors.

Extensive experience from working in the UN system in a similar capacity is a major asset.

Extensive experience in the area of client relationships, business development and networking within the peace-building, humanitarian or development sectors.

A minimum of 10 years of UN experience is desired.

UNOPS reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a level below the advertised level of the job.

Based on organizational needs at the time of recruitment, applicants accepted into this UNOPS roster pool may be considered for job at the advertised job level or its equivalent. The successful candidate(s) may be offered a contract governed by the United Nations Staff Regulations and Rules or UNOPS individual contractor agreement.


UNOPS helps the UN and its partners provide peace and security, humanitarian and development solutions. 

Our mission is to help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development. We are focused on implementation, with a commitment to UN values and private sector efficiency.

UNOPS is a service provider, a technical advisor and an implementer of projects. We help the UN and other partners provide peace and security, humanitarian and development solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development. 

Our vision 

Our vision is a world where people can live full lives supported by appropriate, sustainable and resilient infrastructure and by the efficient, transparent use of public resources in procurement and project management.

Our purpose

We help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development.

We bring to this task the values and principles of the United Nations and the innovation, boldness, speed and efficiency of a self-financed institution. 

We bring the highest international standards to what we do, while respecting local contexts. We do this as our contribution to tackling the huge challenges of the 21st century.

We provide practical solutions to assist our partners to save lives, protect people and their rights, and to build a better world. 

We aspire to be a leader in the efforts to channel private sector investments for social and environmental impact while addressing the immense needs for sustainable development. 

What drives us is a passion to fight inequalities and to provide opportunities to those most vulnerable. This means we often work in the most challenging environments, building foundations for communities to function and people to live with dignity and respect. 

We are passionate about quality: In our people and in what we do. 

We earn the trust of those we work with by caring about what they value, and by delivering on our promise to always act in the service of people in need.