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International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)
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Job Description

The ITER Organization brings together people from all over the world to be part of a thrilling human adventure in southern France—building the ITER Tokamak. We require the best people in every domain.

We offer challenging full-time assignments in a wide range of areas and encourage applications from candidates with all levels of experience, from recent graduates to experienced professionals. Applications from under-represented ITER Members and from female candidates are strongly encouraged as the ITER Organization supports diversity and gender equality in the workplace.

Our working environment is truly multi-cultural, with 29 different nationalities represented among staff. The ITER Organization Code of Conduct gives guidance in matters of professional ethics to all staff and serves as a reference for the public with regards to the standards of conduct that third parties are entitled to expect when dealing with the ITER Organization.

The south of France is blessed with a very privileged living environment and a mild and sunny climate. The ITER Project is based in Saint Paul-lez-Durance, located between the southern Alps and the Mediterranean Sea—an area offering every conceivable sporting, leisure, and cultural opportunity.

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Application deadline: 05/07/2020

Domain: Corporate

Department: Finance & Procurement

Division: Procurement & Contracts

Section: Eng., Science, Op. & Corp. Section

Job Family: Organizational Support

Job Role: Functional Officer - 2

Job Grade: P3

Language requirements: Fluent in English (written & spoken)

Contract duration: Up to 5 years


As a Procurement Process & Systems Officer, you will deliver and support procurement and contract processes, tools and technologies that enable Procurement and Contracts Division (PCD) and project teams to perform at the highest possible level in executing their roles for procurement related activity. This means enabling End to End (E2E) delivery, from sourcing and requests to fulfilment.


The Procurement and Contracts Division (PCD) provides procurement expertise to successfully contribute to the delivery of the ITER Project. The project is currently under construction with First Plasma in 2025. Following First Plasma, the Operations & Maintenance phase will begin. The Procurement team implements competitive procedures in compliance with ITER Organization (IO) Procurement Procedures, and provides efficient, responsive and quality in-cash procurement services, contract management services in support to the IO Departments in a fast paced and multicultural environment.

In this context, the organization is thriving to increase the commercial mind-set across PCD and its stakeholders, as well as to improve the operational excellence of the procurement disciplines as the project evolves. Disciplines like Category Management, Market Intelligence, Process/system and Contract Management will as such, be reinforced. The Procurement Process & Systems Officer role is positioned within an operational excellence team to deliver E2E process excellence, modern and digital tools alongside highly qualified and cross-project procurement officers.

Major Duties/Roles & Responsibilities

  • Pushes the organization forward to achieve, besides maintaining compliance to rules and governance, greater efficiencies, to free up procurement teams from administrative burden allowing them to focus on higher value added commercial and project opportunities;
  • Designs and implements strategic plans regarding procurement process and systems’ optimization;
  • Defines and maintains procurement policies, content, standards, guidelines, and control frameworks. That includes amongst others the implementation of material management process, expenditure life-cycle process and Project & resources management process;
  • Identifies key stakeholders within IO, brings them together and establishes procurement process and systems for the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the IO;
  • Guides and coaches procurement officers on procurement process and systems implementation ensuring these are built into PCD approach and supporting technologies;
  • Performs benchmarking in order to identify the best modern tools and systems to enhance the digitalization of the procurement process whilst in tandem, researching and identifying innovative procurement processes/systems across the public and private sector providing the best cost and value in collaboration with IT colleagues;
  • Enables the deployment of modern tools and digital processes and/or specifically leads the design for the Next Generation of IT tools for Procurement;
  • Safeguards the smooth running of procurement operations with existing processes and systems in conjunction with a smooth transition to next generation processes and tools, leveraging the new digital platform for e-procurement;
  • Supports the PCD Division Head as owner of PCD processes and contributes with Finance to the “Purchase to Pay” process;
  • May be requested to support any of the project/construction teams and to perform other duties in support of the project;
  • May be required to work outside ITER Organization reference working hours, including nights, week-ends and public holidays.

Measure of Effectiveness

  • Guarantees the lead time from Requisition to Pay, in addition to the lead time for different solicitation types (Call for Tenders, Restricted Tenders, Request for Prices, Call for Expertise, etc.);
  • Strives for and achieves compliance performance in relation to rules and governance;
  • Establishes a clear procurement process and constantly adapts to project evolving needs;
  • Implements Continuous Improvement approach on tools, systems and processes allowing faster, simpler processes, liberating frontline colleagues' time and enabling them to perform better and focus on high-value activities;
  • Makes proposals to creating a culture where quality and disciplined execution is the norm and people focus on value and simplicity above process/IT complexity within PCD;
  • Collaborates and communicates professionally and efficiently with all stakeholders.

Experience & Profile

  • Professional Experience:
    • At least 8 years’ experience as procurement or supply chain officer in the field of industry, construction or energy/oil & gas, including the lead on the development of new process or new structure/system.
  • Education:
    • At least a Master degree or equivalent in procurement, business administration, commerce, law or other relevant discipline;
    • The required education degree may be substituted by extensive professional experience involving similar work responsibilities and/or additional training certificates in relevant domains.
  • Language requirements:
    • Fluent in English (written and spoken).
  • Technical Competencies and demonstrated experience in:
    • Implementing new processes within a procurement function;
    • Practical procurement and delivery experience;
    • Application and improvements of procurement and contracts tools (cost models, risk profiles, sourcing tactics, contracting, procurement to Pay process);
    • Application of IT systems and procurement tools (market place, e-procurement platforms, digitalization of process);
    • SAP knowledge is advantageous;
    • Project & Change management skills.
  • Behavioral Competencies:
    • Process oriented mindset combining attention to details with capacity to embrace the larger picture in order to define and implement best for IO solutions;
    • Uncompromising on compliance to the rules and ethics;
    • Create a culture where quality and disciplined execution is the norm and people focus on value and simplicity above process/IT complexity;
    • Collaborate: Ability to dialogue with a wide variety of contributors and stakeholders;
    • Communicate Effectively: Ability to adjust communication content and style to deliver messages to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment;
    • Drive results: Ability to persist in the face of challenges to meet deadlines with high standards;
    • Manage Complexity: Ability to gather multiple and diverse sources of information to define problems accurately before moving to proposals;
    • Instill trust: Ability to model high standards of team mindset, trust, excellence, loyalty and integrity.

The following important information shall apply to all jobs at ITER Organization:

  • Maintains a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of the ITER Safety Program, ITER Values (Trust; Loyalty; Integrity; Excellence; Team mind set; Diversity and Inclusiveness) and Code of Conduct;
  • ITER Core technical competencies of 1) Nuclear Safety, environment, radioprotection and pressured equipment 2) Occupational Health, safety & security 3) Quality assurance processes. Knowledge of these competencies may be acquired through on-board training at basic understanding level for all ITER staff members;
  • Implements the technical control of the Protection Important Activities, as well as their propagation to the entire supply chain;
  • May be requested to work on beryllium-containing components. In this case, you will be required to follow the established ITER Beryllium Management Program for working safely with beryllium. Training and support will be provided by the ITER Organization;
  • May be requested to be part of any of the project/construction teams and to perform other duties in support of the project;
  • Informs the IO Director-General, Domain Head, or Department/Office Head of any important and urgent issues that cannot be handled by lline management and that may jeopardize the achievement of the Project’s objectives.

About ITER
ITER ("The Way" in Latin) is one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today.

In southern France, 35 nations are collaborating to build the world's largest tokamak, a magnetic fusion device that has been designed to prove the feasibility of fusion as a large-scale and carbon-free source of energy based on the same principle that powers our Sun and stars.

The experimental campaign that will be carried out at ITER is crucial to advancing fusion science and preparing the way for the fusion power plants of tomorrow.

ITER will be the first fusion device to produce net energy. ITER will be the first fusion device to maintain fusion for long periods of time. And ITER will be the first fusion device to test the integrated technologies, materials, and physics regimes necessary for the commercial production of fusion-based electricity.

Thousands of engineers and scientists have contributed to the design of ITER since the idea for an international joint experiment in fusion was first launched in 1985. The ITER Members—China, the European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States—are now engaged in a 35-year collaboration to build and operate the ITER experimental device, and together bring fusion to the point where a demonstration fusion reactor can be designed.